Blue House in the Redwoods

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Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #
Heidi Lamar
bluehouseintheredwoods [at]
Golden Gate neighborhood in North Oakland
Maximum Capacity:
Language(s) Spoken:
Ages Served:
3 months - 36 months
Monthly Cost:
8:15am - 4:30pm
Additional Services & Features:
Breakfast provided,
Lunch provided,
Snacks provided,
Organic options,
Vegetarian options,
Cloth diapers accepted,
Diapers provided,
Potty training support
Editors' Notes:
  • Heidi Lamar closed her daycare in 2022
About the Program:

Blue House in the Redwoods is a small, nurturing program for children ages 0-3. Located in North Oakland, my program includes the following:

  • Intimate group size (3-4 children enrolled at a time)

  • 3 nutritious, organic meals a day

  • Formula provided (I am also happy to serve breast milk that you provide)

  • Compostable diapers that are professionally composted through Earth Baby

  • Open-ended classroom materials to promote critical thinking and imagination

  • Slow and intentional caregiving routines (i.e. diapers, bottles) to promote connection and communication

The hours are T-Th, 8:15-4:30. I have over a decade of experience in RIE/Reggio-inspired centers and a Master of Arts in Teaching.


Parent Reviews

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My son is transitioning to a 'big kids' daycare after spending nearly 2 years at the Blue House in the Redwoods. I would strongly and warmly recommend this daycare to anyone! Heidi is amazing to work with for both the kids and the parents.

For the kids: Heidi is a phenomenal educator. She would always work with the children to develop skills (from potty training to interactions with other children) and fosters a sense of calm community. It was always clear that my son was getting patient personal attention. 

For the parents: Heidi is a clear communicator and is flexible to work with. I always felt I could discuss issues or concerns and that we could work things out in a reasonable manner.  She follows regulations but also uses common sense (which was incredibly helpful during this pandemic period!). She will send out email updates on developmental trends she would see with the children along with weekly menus and various tips. Photos that she takes and shares during daycare are great at soothing a mother's heart. 

Our one-year-old daughter attends Blue House in the Redwoods, and we couldn't be happier with the experience! I can't say enough great things about it, which is why this review is so long. :) 

Blue House in the Redwoods is enriching, intimate, safe, and fun -- everything that we are seeking in an early education/childcare experience. Heidi, the founder -- who my older children were fortunate to have as a preschool teacher, too -- is an exceptional educator. Heidi infuses her program with her deep understanding of pedagogy and child-development rooted in her formal education, and combines that with her warm personality and ever-present delight and respect for children. 

Our daughter is so happy when we arrive at school, and I understand why! Blue House in the Redwood's indoor and outdoor spaces are inviting and spark my daughter’s curiosity. Each morning there are "invitations to play' (aka materials thoughtfully set out) that are designed with purpose and care for our daughter’s interests and development. Heidi’s approach to play and exploration is fostering self-confidence, independence, and inquisitiveness in our daughter. The inside and outside areas offer everything that our daughter needs to make her days stimulating and fun, while also being safe and age-appropriate. 

Another important and sweet part of the program is that children and Heidi eat together at a real table (no boosters or highchairs). In addition to fostering social interaction, gross/fine motor development, and a lovely routine, the meals look delicious! Our daughter is eating (and thoroughly enjoying!) flavors and ingredients I have never thought to introduce to my children, until now. Through her example, our daughter is motivating my older children to eat green leafy salad because she eats it at school!

We also enjoy and appreciate the social and emotional support Heidi provides children… and their families. Heidi speaks to our daughter with warmth and respect, encouraging our daughter's verbal language and sign-language development. I'm in awe when our daughter comes home and, totally unprompted, uses some of the sign-language she learned at school to happily tell me when she's thirsty or wants more of something. I can see her own satisfaction as she successfully communicates her needs and feels better understood. 

One of the most wonderful aspects of Blue House in the Redwoods is that, given its size and Heidi’s dedication, our daughter is really known and understood. As a parent, it's very comforting that I can have a conversation with Heidi about the things that perhaps seem small to others, but as parents we know make a big difference in our children's lives (sleep; health; routine changes; meals; etc.). Heidi tracks all of these little details, too, and she genuinely cares about them and regularly checks-in with families about these matters.

Heidi's emotional support extends to the families that are in the program. We had a few mornings early in our time at Blue House in the Redwoods when our daughter cried during our goodbyes. During those moments, Heidi was patient and compassionate, and in talking through it, she gave my daughter and me the support we each needed. Very quickly, those transitions got better, and now I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to wave goodbye to my happy, smiling baby (almost toddler), knowing that she is embarking on a wonderful day with an engaged and passionate educator in a safe, stimulating environment!  

I could go on, but hopefully my underlying message is clear: Blue House in the Redwoods is a very special program, and we feel immense gratitude for all that it offers to our daughter and our family.