Bayside Early Learning Center

San Pablo, CA

No longer in business

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San Pablo
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (April 2011): This daycare appears to have closed.  No license was found at CCLD.

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Jan 2005

Re: Preschools and coops in Hercules, Pinole, San Pab lo?
Bayside is still around, but its future is uncertain. Our 4 year-old son currently attends, and Tina, the director and head teacher is WONDERFUL. Unfortunately, the elementary school where Bayside is housed (Seaview) is slated to be closed in the Fall. There is quite a bit of uncertainty about the school's future, which I know has made returning phone calls difficult. If you want to enroll immediately and only for the next few months, you may try calling again and making that clear-- hopefully things will work out and your child would be able to continue the following year. Good luck! wendi

November 2003

About a year ago Roots and Wings Montessori school in El Sobrante was recommended and I want to note that they are now closed. After some research I had decided that their program was going to work well for my two-year-old, but then found out that they were no-more.

I thought I might share that I 'discovered' that their former site in San Pablo (where they were before moving to El Sob) has been taken over by Bayside Early Learning Center (510-724-8858) which is also a parent participation Montessori preschool. It's a morning program, Monday thru Thursday, and because it is still new, they have openings.

My daughter goes two mornings/ week and really enjoys it. She especially loves the practical life materials and the freedom of choice that's offered. She responds well to the structure of having several groups with singing, movement and presentation of 'works.' I enjoy watching her develop friendships and have fun; I also like that it is truly multi-cultural, and I can't help but notice that she's learning cool stuff like sign language...

The head-teacher, Tina Campbell, worked at R & W for five years, but she has been involved since enrolling her son 12 years ago. Parent

August 2003

Re: preschool openings
It's not quite in the area you asked, but try Bayside Early Learning Center in San Pablo (724-8858). It's a wonderful parent-participation pre-school that's only $190 a month! In addition to the benefits of a Montessori education, the school is close to the water near the border of Pinole, has a huge yard for the children to run and play, plus a stunning view of the Bay. Please email me if you would like more info. ect

December 2002

Re: Culturally Diverse Montessori School
Try Bayside Early Learning Center in San Pablo, 724-8858. It is run by a wonderful Montessori Teacher, and is both ethnically and culturally diverse. They are located on the Seaview School site, overlooking San Pablo Bay. They are a parent co-op, so the fees are very low (under $220 per month), and you get to participate in your child's education and really see what is going on.