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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Ayesha Momin
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We are beyond grateful for Ayesha and her daycare. There are not enough words to describe how kind and loving she is with the children. From day one I felt I had nothing to worry about (and as a new parent trusting your kid to a stranger can feel like a lot!) Ayesha always put my mind at ease. She sends photos and updates of how our daughter was doing each day. She cooks the most delicious, organic and nutritious meals for the babies. They learn skills and play sweet games and always seem to have so much fun. Often times my daughter wanted to stay there when I would come to pick her up! And the true test, she never cried at drop off, she was so excited to get there and would say Ayesha at home all the time (once she learned to speak). Ayesha truly loves all the babies and is generous and loving. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better experience and wish we could have stayed with her forever (we only left because we moved out of state, otherwise I would drive through any traffic to have her be our day care provider). We love her so much and you will definitely too!

We love Ayesha and highly recommend her daycare. We were very happy with our experience - she is so kind and loving and thoughtful and patient and careful, and really just everything you could want for the person watching your kid all day. She is a wonderful person and an excellent caregiver! 

I cannot recommend Ayisha‘s daycare enough. We are so grateful our daughter was able to go there. Ayesha provides everything you want in a daycare provider, she is very loving And kind, and knows how to get the best out of the kids. She just has a magic touch. Out toddler was so very happy there. Her daycare is clean, very well organized, and well-equipped with toys and educational supplies. She also takes them to A wonderful park across the street every day. There is also a perfect balance of structured activity and play. Also, a great perk is Ayesha cooks wonderful, healthy home-cooked meals for the kids. Finally, it is small, and very personal, which is important in this climate. Your child will be in great hands with Ayesha. They will be nurtured, and learn important life skills. 

We absolutely love Ayesha. I couldn't recommend her strongly enough. My 3 year old has been there since she was 18 months old. I really love how she interacts with the kids; she handles tantrums, tears, and fears in a compassionate, yet constructive way. She cares so well for my child at daycare. They have a great routine, a wonderful playroom, and delicious healthy meals. My daughter loves daycare and I feel like she's really grown and developed with Ayesha and the other kids. I've asked her for parenting advice on how to handle a variety of challenges (my child not wanting to share, naptime, getting her to eat more at lunchtime, adjusting to new environments) and her wisdom has helped me become a better parent. I really feel like Ayesha is part of our family! 

We were very happy with Ayesha's care during the nine months that my two year old son attended her childcare. She is very clean, kind, caring, and makes the best baby soups and naan on earth. My son was very attached to me before finding Ayesha, but he became very independent afterwards. He used to eat better than home at Ayesha's, and slept independently at her place, even though he would normally sleep only after breast milk. He learnt to drink from bottle before nap, which he never does at home. My son also learned a lot of social skills, e.g. sharing, cleaning up after playing, and waiting for his turn. He loves Ayesha and her kids. It was such a peace of mind to have my son under Ayesha's care. Ayesha is also very responsive and communicates very well at all times. I can't recommend her enough! 

We really liked Ayesha’s day care facility. My son had been going to her day care since he was 10 months old and continued to go there until he was about almost 2yrs. Ayesha is very loving, caring and goes an extra mile in every way to ensure that your child is taken utmost care and keeps the parents posted of the day long activities. My son connected very well with her and enjoyed his entire stay. He enjoyed going to parks, her tasty home cooked meals. 
There is some space constraint, but I strongly recommend Ayesha’s day care if you are looking for individual/personalized care for your child.

-Vineetha M

We love Ayesha so much, my toddler asks to go to her house all the time!  Ayesha is so warm and kind and provides such a great atmosphere for kids.  We love receiving the photos during the day of our son playing, being outside, and learning how to eat her delicious homemade soup with a spoon!  Ayesha always is quick to reply back and great at keeping in touch and communicating on the personal day-to-day things.  Also, my son was never a great napper, but somehow she always got him to sleep, she is magic with kids!  We wholeheartedly recommend Ayesha's daycare! :) 

We really loved our daughter's time at Ayesha's. The only regret we have about Ayesha is we didn’t find her sooner! She is an absolutely wonderful caregiver. From day one, we never had a moment of doubt that our 20-month-old wouldn’t be loved and cared for by Ayesha in the best way possible. From feeding the kids home cooked meals, to playtime in the part, to reading books, Ayesha makes sure that the children in her care are kept engaged and active. (Of course, there’s nap time as well). Our daughter is in preschool now, but we have sung so many praises of Ayesha to our friends that two of them have already signed up for her daycare. We couldn't recommend her highly enough!

I really, really like Ayesha’s daycare. When I first visited her place, I was impressed by her kindness, her flexibility, and her skill in engaging kids in different activities despite the small size of her place. My 11 months old son tried Ayesha’s daycare as his first experience of non-parent care, but unfortunately did not like it as much as I did! So, we quit it. But I dream of going back to Ayesha’s in a few months. 

The best thing for me is that Ayesha is very flexible. She accepts part-time kids and I did not feel obliged to be on a strict routine. Instead, I would texted her my schedule and would pay hourly. She would welcome me to stay in her place after the drop off, so my son feels secure seeing me close by. After I leave, she would text me how he was doing and send me pictures of him playing, eating, or napping. And nothing is more relieving than receiving such pictures. 

In the many hours that I stayed there, I saw how passionately Ayesha cares for the children. She holds them and kisses them just like a mom would do with her own kid. She is very attentive to the children’s safety. She keeps the daycare immaculately clean and feeds the kids healthy home made food. My son, even though not happy being detached from me, loves Ayesha’s lentil soup! She is an expert in what she does. I was surprised to see how she put four kids to sleep single handedly—what I could hardly do with my own two kids. 

Overall, I highly recommend her daycare. 

Ayesha is a wonderful caregiver. I placed my son in her care shortly before he turned a year old until he was about 2 years old. We have since moved to another state and miss her so much. I never felt any discomfort or doubt when I left my son there full-time seven days a week, he was always well-fed, properly taken-care of, and most of all engaged. Her family and her are very sweet and her children are also so loving. She was very much like extended family for myself and my son. It was a perfect transition for him from being at home full-time to a home-based care setting. Ayesha cooks all her meals, with the best and freshest organic produce, she sings with the children, they read and have art projects. Another treasure about her care is that she sends you photos of your child throughout you day so you don't miss any activity or meal. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for childcare.

Ayesha was a second mother to my son Yousif. She did everything that a mother does to a child. From hugging him when he wakes up after a nap, to making sure he ate a healthy diet. 

My son was only a year old, he can’t talk at that time and there are no cameras in home Daycare’s usually to give you the comfort you need but when I talked to Ayesha, I knew he was in good hands and that I can trust her. 

My son was happy there, everything was on time (breakfast, going to the park if the weather is good). 

The only reason we no longer go there is because we moved from Berkeley. ;( 

I wish I could find another Ayesha where I live now. A heart of a mother, truly...

I would highly recommend Ayesha, anyone who has a spot there is very lucky.

I will 100% recommend Ayesha's place! My son Albert spent amazing time there and was well taken of by Ayesha. She is so kind, patient, caring and gives 100% love to every child there. I was a full time student and Ayesha could always accommodate my time no matter how late or early that I had to send my son. Her place was also nice, very safe, warm and clean. My son got along with other children and also learnt a ton from Ayesha. I highly recommend this daycare!

We have been sending our children to Ayesha now for over a year. We are so lucky to have found her! She is beyond amazing with her calm nurturing spirit and understanding and patience of all children and their unique personalities.

She home cooks all her meals. She takes the kiddos to the park and does arts and crafts with them.

We recommend Ayesha's Family Day Care for any of your child care needs.

Good luck!

My husband and I 100% recommend Ayesha’s daycare.

She is a very trustful person first of all, so kind and caring, loves kids, passionate about early age education and cooking nutritious food for kids (which was always delicious, we know that because she often let us taste her dishes). She is happy to feed kids with breakfast / dinner too if you wish. That helped me a lot! 

We were so happy and enjoying to see our 17months old son absorb words quickly with Ayesha. When I asked him ‘how does a cat go?’ he answered ‘meoooooow!’ and we went on and on with so many animals, with his perfect answers. As him being 17months, I was so impressed. 

Ayesha takes kids for outside play everyday. Also she uses her ingenuity on indoor play/learning too and kids experience lots of interesting stuff that are not easy for parents to do at home. 

Through the day she often sends us pictures/videos of kids (eating, playing, napping etc) so we keep updated how they are doing, which was so nice.

Another thing that helped us a lot was that she was flexible. When we needed a help she was available most of the time, on a weekend or in the evening for some extended hours. 

We were so lucky to have found Ayesha’s daycare and we are so grateful. Truly highly recommended :) 

My little boy started at Ayesha’s Family Daycare when he was just shy of his first birthday. I was quite nervous about finding a daycare he would be as happy as he was at home. We lucked out when we found Ayesha and her family. I knew within the first few days we had found a wonderful fit. I can tell my boy loves being there, and now several months on, he feels very excited to start his day. Just as important, I know he is loved, safe, and cared for. As a parent, these were the most important things for me when choosing a daycare. There are some other excellent perks though: 

* Ayesha tries to keep parents updated throughout the day with their child's activities - meals, naps, play, .with pictures.

* Healthy meals and snacks with vegetables and fruits are served throughout the day.  The 'menu' is quite diverse and looks very appetizing.

*Ayesha has done a wonderful job designing the space for the care and safety of children, filling it with safe engaging toys. She also manages to keep it immaculately clean despite quick eager little hands.

If you're looking for a daycare to entrust your beloved child to that will love and care for him/her, and become part of your extended family, I strongly recommend you consider Ayesha’s Family daycare.  

Good Luck!

Our 1yo is currently under Ayesha's care full-time and we have been so impressed. She is loving and nurturing with our daughter. The space is very welcoming, bright, clean and updated with new toys. Her meals are home-cooked, healthy and nutritious. She's been an amazing support to us (as working parents) and has been able to help our baby take naps everyday. She's really a gem among the many experiences of daycare provision we've had with our daughters. Ayesha is very communicative, organized, and kind; she dotes on the children while being firm with boundaries. We highly recommend Ayesha's daycare!