Anushka's Daycare

Oakland, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
Anushka (Nunu)
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (July 2014)  This daycare was not found in the CCLD database. It may have closed  or it may be unlicensed.

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Feb 2013

Has anyone got any feedback on Anushka's Daycare in N Oakland? It also goes by the name Nunu's Daycare. She seems to have an extremely flexible approach in terms of drop-ins and no minimum to how many hours a child HAS to attend per week etc, which is amazing and unlike the policy of any other daycare I've seen. Also, how do parents feel about the daily breakfast bacon for their kiddies? Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Curious But Bacon Weary Mom

Anushka is an amazing gem -- warm, nurturing and laid back, yet structured about routines and organized about important details. She is our neighbor, and my son spent time at her daycare during his toddler and preschool years. She is truly gifted with the younger set. She fosters a great sense of community and sharing food reinforces the sense of community -- and expands your child's taste beyond the home repertoire. Anushka doesn't apply too much dogma, so I can't imagine that she wouldn't mind restricting bacon for your child, if you are uncomfortable with it. I have seen her keep elaborate sleeping and bathrooming logs for parents who needed this -- joyfully -- even though you may not peg her as the log-keeping type. I suggest that you spend some time hanging out at Anushka's with your child -- and see how you feel the routines would work for you. marjorie
My son was cared for by Anushka for a couple of years, a while back. She may be in a different house at this point. The flexible schedule was very helpful for me, returning to a part time position while gradually increasing my independent contractor work. We really liked her calm, clear manner with all the kids and her nice way of encouraging good social behavior. My son did so many fun things there-drums, music, garden time-- and has good memories of his time there. She didn't have daily breakfast bacon at that time, but that would have been OK with us. I'm guessing a parent could ask her about some breakfast alternatives. mom of bacon lover
We were with Nunu for two years, and it was a wonderful experience. Nunu has a gift with children; she is very loving and real, and all of the people she hires have a great feel to them, and are also wonderful with the kids. Usually her kids come from word of mouth, so many parents know other parents or previous parents, which makes it feel like a familiar and vibrant community. I loved the fact that she understood and advocated for the ''nourishing traditions'' approach to food, but if you don't, she is not pushy at all. I know one mom who wanted her child to just eat what she brought, and that was fine. I actually loved that everyone shared their food b/c I knew that my child would find something to enjoy, and in fact, he was able to experience a lot of new foods. Regarding the bacon, she uses nitrate-free, (and it's great for brain development!) but again, if you don't want your child to eat it, just tell her! The flexibility of days is huge! And she is really flexible. There were many times when I called her the night before with a change of plan and she was fine with it. I can't think of any negatives from my experience with her, and in fact, had a hard time when I had to switch to a pre-school that was less organic, and more rigid. I love that my child was able to prance around naked, eat good food, and spend all day out in the huge garden with loving adults. Nunu encourages potential parents to visit as often as they like, and in fact, if you are there with your child, you don't have to pay, so you can get a good feel of the place. I hope you visit her; I don't think you will be disappointed; I have only heard rave reviews from parents, and many families, including mine, stay in touch for years afterwards. Good luck!
My husband and I dropped in one morning and checked out Nunu's place last year when my son turned one. We live really closeby and have several friends with older toddlers who used her when their kids were 2 or younger and highly recommended Anushka's as a safe and caring daycare. I am a stay at home mom for now but was thinking of going back to work eventually and liked the idea of a no contract easy dropoff nearby. Anushka is indeed an experienced and kind but no nonsense caregiver who we can tell right away have her system down pat and is loving toward the kids. Her helpers that day also seemed really nice. But long story short - we find lots to like but choose to not put our kid there.

The bacon thing didn't bother us actually because there were other healthy food (mostly veg and grains based) also offered daily. The food and drinks is all communal and each parents bring a dish to drop off to be shared. Besides bacon Nunu offers raw cow's milk in both milk and bottles to the kids. Most of the day is spent outside in a beautiful enclosed backyard adjacent to the daycare. The kids are put in strollers and strolled or parked outside to nap. And the meals are put on tables in the garden outside picnic style.

We are pretty free spirit but after touring Nunu's ended up figuring out we need more structure for our child (surprise!). Back then, we have been exclusively nursing and our son went directly to drinking water in sippy for a short time and then straw cups by his first birthday. All the kids are allow to drink and eat from each others cups and bottles there and I was ok in concept with slowly weaning from breast to cow...but I didn't want the risk of him later being stuck on bottles when he never had to use them. Also - we tried giving cow's milk shortly before and stopped because he wasn't tolerating it well. It's so hard to keep kids from getting into each other food and drink when its all share so even if we tell them not to give him milk while there - so the raw milk thing wasn't gonna fly for us. Incidently, now that he's almost year 1/2 - he can drink cow's milk no problem.

And just thinking about the napping situation - our son has slept in stroller while we're out but we have a good routine going with him sleeping in his room. We asked to see if there is an alternative nap area and there is only one little camping cot (not a crib) tuck into a corner of a playroom that a helper told me is used only by one older toddler when he's there.

For rainy or bad weather days there is a play area inside but Nunu's philosophy is to be out in the garden as much as possible. If we were ok with the nap issue & milk thing, I would still only use Nunu for 2-3 hrs situation when it's a nice day out.

As Nunu told us - best thing is first do a dropin visit - everyone can tell right away if it's going to work for them or not. Good luck!
at home mom for now