All Aboard Home Day Care

Albany, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Cleide Lopes
allaboardhomedaycare [at]
near Ocean View Elementary
Maximum Capacity: 
Language(s) Spoken: 
English, Portuguese
Ages Served: 
3 months - 60 months
About Our Program: 

Our facility is located on Buchanan in Albany, right across from Ocean View Elementary school in a wonderful neighborhood..
In our program the kids will be engaged in a play based program with attractive daily schedule meet their needs individually. We will provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Parent Reviews

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Cleide is fantastic! She is like a mother to me (because of her caring nature). My son spent more than 15 months in her care and he blossomed. It was so hard to move away from All Aboard to a new school. Cleide is so accomodating and understanding of busy parents schedule. She creates a loving environment for all kids. She sings and dances and make them feel at home. My son used to love and look forward to going to "Cleide house", even on weekends. He even sang Portuguese songs. My elder son, who is 8, also loves going to Cleide house. 

Cleide is supported by an amazing crew - Sibel, Noelio and Anna who love the kids so much! I am so grateful to have found a spot in All Aboard and create a lifetime experience for my kid. Highly highly recommend.  

Both our sons attended All Aboard Daycare with Cleide and loved it. Our youngest started at All Aboard Daycare at 9 months and went through potty training and building his vocabulary with Cledie. "Mama Cleide" is incredibly sweet with the young children and good at getting them on regular schedules. She is collaborative with families and is good about discussing what's working and what's not and making a plan with families.

We loved our time at All Aboard Daycare and we definitely recommend you to check out All Aboard for your children. 

Our son has been going to All Aboard Daycare from 5 months old to 2 years old.  We have loved our experience at All Aboard.  Cleide, as well as, all of the helpers, are so patient and loving with the children.  The kids spend time doing activities such as circle time, reading, dancing, and music.  The daycare also has a backyard with toys and play structures, so the children get plenty of outdoor play time.  

Cleide is very accomodating and understanding.  When I had to spend four days away due to a family emergency, Cleide was kind enough to provide lunch for our son.  On the rare occasions when my husband and I had early morning or late meetings, Cleide was acomodating with drop offs and pick ups.  She is understanding of working parents and their busy schedules.  We are so fortunate to have found Cleide who our son has come to love.  We will miss Cleide and the All Aboard families dearly when we go to preschool this year.

My son is starting preschool and has been with All Aboard Daycare from 1 y.o to 3 y.o. Cleide and her team are wonderful and I cannot recommend them enough. “Mama Cleide” as my son sometimes calls her is always patient and gentle with the kids. Cleide is never flustered, even when several kids are losing it and a parent is trying to get a download of the day. 

They do tons of activities including circle time, finger painting, stickers, face painting, water play, play-doh, etc. I love it when my son comes home with artwork and proudly says “I did that!” Sibel, one of the helpers there, is a whiz at face paint. It’s a miracle she is able to have the kids sit long enough for some of the designs she draws! 

There is a great yard with plenty of toys that gets swapped out seasonally. When weather prohibits outdoor play, there is even a play structure indoors so the fun doesn’t stop.

Cleide is very responsive and accommodating. There have been a handful of times when we’ve needed atypical arrival and drop off schedules and she has always made it work. When asked, she has plenty of great advice about eating, tantrums, potty training, etc., all of which I welcomed as a first time mom. 

All Aboard is very conveniently located near major streets, yet is in a quiet and safe neighborhood. For a while, my son insisted on walking around the full block before heading home after pickup. We got to know many of the neighbors which was a very nice bonus I was not expecting. 

If you are looking for a small home daycare with patient caregivers who genuinely care about your child, All Aboard is it!

Oh how I wish I found All Aboard Daycare sooner!  When my daughter's nanny went away on vacation, a neighbor suggested I ask Cleide if she would take care of my daughter for the few days that our nanny would be out.  Well this turned into us leaving our nanny and having my daughter spend the next few months with Cleide/team.  Her team is wonderful with the kiddos, very caring and always positive.  As other's have mentioned, they plan fun activities including arts/crafts, water activities, face painting, etc.  The first week after starting, my daughter starting singing the 'clean up' song which she learned from Cleide!  I highly recommend All Aboard daycare and only have positive things to say!  We'll be switching to preschool next week as my daughter will turn 2 but I'm pregnant with my second and I have already asked Cleide if she would take care of her!  

We had a wonderful experience with Cleide and her team at All Aboard Home Daycare. Cleide is an incredibly warm and kind person who is a great caretaker. Her daycare is clean, comfortable, and safe and has both indoor and outdoor areas. She does many fun activities like arts and crafts, reading, circle time, and water activities. We had such a great experience with Cleide, her family, and her daycare team. All Aboard Home Daycare was the perfect place for our son to grow from baby to toddler. Even when we left, we FaceTimed with her to help our son transition to preschool. Thank you, Cleide and All Aboard Home Daycare! 

I cannot say enough good things about this daycare and Cleide! We checked out many daycares before finding her. Our son started going here when he was about 15 months old and stayed till almost 3. We do not have family in the area so I was a bit hesitant in finding the right daycare and having someone else take care of him. As soon as we met Cleide, I knew this is where I wanted him to be. Cleide is very warm and welcoming. I knew right away that my son would be well taken care of and loved. Her daycare is also very clean and has great space for playing indoors as well as outdoors. She has great helpers in Sibel and Fang as well. My son loved them all! They have all become like family to us and we could not be happier with our choice!

All Aboard Daycare is where our daughter became the sensitive, caring, confident toddler she is now. Cleide and her staff are the most supportive, nurturing people you could want caring for your child. After visiting so many uninspiring (and/or mind-bendingly expensive) daycares, we finally found someone who is genuinely interested in the well being of the children in her care, and who has built a staff of assistants who share her dedication to children and growing them into happy, self-aware people.

Our daughter started dayacare at just over 12 months and stayed until just over three, and we developed such a great relationship with Cleide and the other parents at the daycare. My wife and I both work at UC Berkeley so it was great to find a convenient place with other people who I recognize from campus here and there (there are many parents from the UC Village which is just across the street). In the two years we spent here one of the most important was the level of trust we were able to put in Cleide (and the assistants, especially Fang and Sibel). She is a genuinely good person (with Buddhist leanings?) who we grew to trust implicitly. Knowing that our child was in her care put us at ease. She was also incredibly flexible and generous at times when our family went through difficult periods and scheduling uncertainty.

Some of my favorite memories of our daughter's time at All Aboard were her coming home singing in Portuguese or Chinese and figuring out what song she was singing so we could sing along with her. Cleide also unexpectedly taught our daughter the alphabet and numbers, which she came home with a better grasp of than we ever would have expected! Every day starts with circle time where songs and stories are shared, and our daughter loves to do circle time with her dolls now.

I can't express enough how grateful we are to have found such a kind, genuine person to care for our daughter during such formative years of her life. We wholeheartedly recommend Cleide and all her staff and we hope that you can become part of her family.

Cleide is the BEST ever! We can't recommend her enough. Our son Mateo started going to All Aboard when he was 6 months old and only stopped when we had to move across the country when he was 17 months. We love Cleide and dearly miss her. I don't think anyone could have taken better care of Mateo and, as I am realizing, Cleide is a gem of caregiver. She is so kind, patient and he always came home happy. One of his first words was Cleide! He and we love her so much! I honestly could not recommend her more. She is great with infants and spectacular with toddlers.  

Our family loves the owner of the daycare, Cleide! Our baby boy started with her when he was 3+ month old for every afternoon. He enjoyed going to see her and other kids. When I toured the daycare before sending our baby there, the first thing I noticed was that every child seemed to be happy and very warm towards Cleide. She let you know all the process needed to start your baby at a daycare and put your mind at ease. Cleide was extremely flexible with each family's request. She sent us videos with our baby's first little dance, it was adorable. Even though our arrangement with Cleide was half of a day, there were occasions where she knew we needed extra help, she offered to take care of the baby in the morning as well (we didn't even have to ask!). You can tell she really loves her "kid" and it shows. 

My mother dropped off and picked up the baby daily, she also got more opportunities to interact with Cleide and other caregivers more often than myself, she also told me our little baby loved Cleide so much, every time he saw her, he had a big smile on his face.

Our family just moved back to the east coast, it was difficult to say goodbye to Cleide. She was such a big part of our lives in the past 6 months, and I truly hope that we will find another caregiver as good as Cleide here in NJ/NY.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.  

Cleide Lopes - head of All Aboard Home Day Care - is AMAZING!!!  I cannot say enough great things about her!  I looked at numerous daycares in the Albany/Berkeley/El Cerrito area and was feeling very discouraged.  Then I found Cleide.  She has been with my daughter since she was 3 months old (now 16 months).  I am a first time mom, and I learned a lot from Cleide's experience.  Just watching her manage conflict between the toddlers is something to see.  She stops everything to focus her full attention on the kids, and with ease is able to calm and redirect their actions quickly and effectively.  She is competent, extremely friendly, and most importantly, she clearly loves children more than most anyone I have met.  I was very nervous about leaving my daughter in daycare, especially when she was very little, but Cleide put me right at ease with how much she cared for her.  I feel like Cleide is an extension of our little family, and someone that I will stay in touch with for years.  I feel strongly that any child would be lucky to spend their days with her in her beautiful little in-home daycare.

Please feel free to reach out to me to ask questions.  I would be happy to give more information over email or phone.  Good luck in your hunt for an awesome daycare!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2013

We highly recommend All Aboard Daycare in Albany ran by preschool teacher & nanny Cleide Lopes. Cleide has spent the last 5 years as a teacher at Little Village Preschool and also takes care of our 3 year old in the early morning. She leaves Little Village as a popular teacher who will be missed and can provide recommendations from her time there. She loves children and her enthusiasm is evident in the way she interacts with our young son Charlie. Her personality is warm and friendly and she enjoys reading books and singing songs as much as our son loves hearing them. Cleide hails from Brazil and speaks fluent English but has also taught our son a few Portuguese words. Her spacious home is located in Albany and is very conveniently located on the way to the I80. Cleide is ready to start accepting children now and since her business has just started she can accommodate your schedule rather than trying to fit you in wherever she has space. A day at All Aboard includes two snacks and lunch cooked by Cleide, potty training support, quiet space for naps and a big play room. She is licensed to watch infants or toddlers and has experience with both age groups. Please give her a ring and see if your family connects with her as well as we have, you won't be sorry!