Adams Point Little People's Place

Oakland, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
DSS Facility License #: 
Joycelyn Foster
(510) 832-6383
adampointdaycare [at]
Vernon Street
Maximum Capacity: 
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  • Hi. I just called the phone number, tried to send an email and tried to go to the website. everything seems to be not working at the moment. The phone number did go through but it went to a generic answering machine. Does anyone know if the school is still open?

    Someone whose kid goes there says the number is 510-832-6383. That is also the number on their site so this might not be helpful info!

Parent Reviews

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Our daughter started going to Adam's Point Little People's Place when she was 7 months old, and has been going full time for almost two years now. I was worried about her being away from us for that long, but immediately Ms Joyce and the rest of the teachers felt like family.They love our daughter and that she feels really comfortable and safe in their care, which has made a world of difference to us as parents, especially during this past year during the pandemic. Being with the teachers and the kids has really helped her open up and be more social. When I toured the daycare I sat in during their school time, and it was really sweet and the kids were engaged and learning a lot. I agree with the other poster that it's nice she's had the opportunity to play with kids of different age ranges. Ms Joyce works hard to create a real community amongst the families, and is very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend them. Their website:

My 2-yo son has been attending Adam's Point Little People Place for over a year.  Miss Joyce and her team are wonderful and my son just loves them.   They have a nice outdoor space for the kids to play and also take them on walks to the library and lake.  The staff plan fun events and outings throughout the year.  They also provide breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack which makes my life so much easier.  My son loves that there are children of all ages to play with rather than being placed in a room with only his age.  They learn so much more from each other that way.  I can't recommend them more highly.  Call Miss Joyce for a tour if interested.