Natalia Siradze

Concord, CA

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Natalia Siradze
nsiradze [at]
San Simeon Dr.
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3 months - 66 months

Parent Reviews

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July 2020

My family and I have had such a wonderful experience with Natalia. To be honest the hardest part about leaving the Concord area was leaving the childcare provider we were settled with, and so comfortable with. My eldest joined at 1.5 years and my youngest joined at about 6 months Natalia’s place was like a second home to them, with a loving care team and home cooked meals! The thing that touched us most as parents was the level of care she and her staff gave our boys, and all of the children. You can tell they all love what they do. It was also great to see how quickly my toddler was learning the alphabet, numbers, his colors, animals, and more. Natalia’s daycare comes highly recommended. Thank you Natalia!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2010

My daughter will soon be leaving a wonderful home based- day care she has attended for the last 3 years (started at 4 mos) to attend a pre-K program. If anyone is looking for a nuturing play-based daycare this is the place for you. Natalia has provided loving care for both my son and daughter over the last 5 years and we feel so fortunate to have found such a patient, loving, creative and comforting caregiver to care for our children. Natalia has experience as a pre-school teacher and utilizes those skills in a home-based setting with play-based activities, circle time, music time and lots of art and manipulative activities. She provides indiviual care to each child and always gives a detailed report about how the day went. Natalia has truely become part of our extended family so I highly recommend her if you're looking for a day care provider in the WC/Concord area. Feel free to contact me (Cassie) for a more detailed reference at (925) 429-1415. Natalia Siradze can be reached at (415) 640-1085.

My son recently left an extraordinary in-home day care that he attended since he was four months old (he is now in preschool). The day care, which is located on the Concord/Walnut Creek border, now has a spot available. The owner and provider, Natalia Siradze, is an experienced pre-school teacher who has arranged her home and business to be like a small pre-school (inside and outside space to play, areas for art, circle time, etc.) She gives detailed reports on what the child\x92s day was like, and she is amazing with both babies and older children. I heartily recommend Natalia to anyone needing quality day care. She can be reached at (415) 640-1085. Please feel free to contact me for questions or a more detailed reference.

Hi- if anyone is looking for a nuturing and safe licensed home daycare center in Concord (off of Treat blvd near Walnut Creek) call Natalia at 415-640-1085. Natalia has been helping me with my 3 small kids on the weekends and during the week she runs a daycare at her home. She is probably the smartest and most experienced person you'll find at a home daycare \x96 she was trained as an engineer in Europe but she's been in the US for years and has worked with small children for 17 years. She was a preschool teacher in San Francisco for 10 years. She's just fabulous with my kids, keeping them entertained and stimulating them and she's very trustworthy and patient and loving. Her home is set up for kids with a great fenced in yard with tons of toys and an indoor play area for eating, arts and crafts, playing, nap rooms etc. She has an opening right now and I thought I'd post to the group because anyone would be lucky to have their baby/child at her daycare. She has excellent references too. You can reach Natalia at 415-640-1085. Contact: Natalia, 415-640-1085
Julie H.