Wilbur Hot Springs

Outside the Bay Area

Wilbur is an off-grid, solar-powered destination Health Sanctuary with naturally occurring medicinal hot mineral springs in the heart of an 1800-acre dedicated Nature Preserve located 2 1/2 hours north of San Francisco. Wilbur’s bathing areas are clothing optional.

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April 2003

Re: Weekend of solitude for mom

I think your first idea -- Wilber Hot Springs -- is a great one. I went for a weekend last year with my boyfriend and people really just left us alone. It kind of became a joke with us -- we'd be cooking in the kitchen or hanging out in the baths and people would go in and out without saying a word. We went for a hike and didn't see a soul. It was incredibly relaxing for us and definitely NOT a social event. anon

Re having time alone at Wilbur Hot Springs. I have several times spent an entire day at Wilbur without talking to anyone. People who go there are extremely sensitive to the peace and privacy of others. In fact, talking is strongly discouraged in the tubs. There's a sign by the road just before you arrive at Wilbur that says Time to Slow Down, and that's just what people do -- slow down and calm down. You can hike without seeing another person for hours. Because it's far from the highway and there's no electricity, it's extremely quiet. I find it one of the most peaceful places I've ever been too. Melinda