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April 2004

Re: Calistoga spa for couple mudbath
Try While Sulphur Springs resort in St. Helena. I believe they have mud baths, and I remember they specialized in couple treatments. The little cottages are really sweet, the pool is nice, and they have a small sulphur hot spring on the property. Maria

Re: Large Reunion in the Bay Area (Sept 2003)
white sulpher springs resort in st. helena! we got married there. they have cottages (which might be above your cost - havn't been in a few years) but also a variety of bunkhouses etc. that are more affordable. there is a swimming pool and hot tub, as well as hot springs and a spa with massages etc. also a meadow for lawn games, etc. and a redwood grove. continental breakfast in the morning, etc. sara

Re: Weekend of solitude for mom (March 2003)
I know of the perfect place for you, about an hour away from the bay area. Its called White Sulphur Spring and Spa in the outskirts of St. Helena. I stayed there when I was 37 weeks pregnant! You can rent a sweet little private cottage (and it was fairly inexpensive, less than $150 per night) and you have full access to the lodge, a swimming pool, and a small natural hot spring. The great thing about the spring is that it is only about 90 degrees or so, so safe to use while pregnant!!! There is also a spa on the premises for massage, facials, etc; hiking trails and a lodge with snacks, microwave, etc. I loved my stay there. So relaxing and wonderful to see the stars at night and sleep in a cute and comfortable cabin. Mariah