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Nov 2011

Hi, I didn't see any posting in the past about the Disney museum in SF. Has anyone been there? I am thinking about taking my 9 years old son there but saw some review on Yelp that said it was not for kids. But I read an article recommending for kids. Does anyone know? Thanks
need real feedback from parents

The Walt Disney Family museum is absolutely FANTASTIC - however, your 9-year-old will get tired of all the reading LONG before you are ready to leave. My 13yo and I spent an entire day there (took a break, had lunch, went back in for more), and loved it, but we left the 10yo at home.

SO much information, sort of like a walk thru history... but it is not as 'interactive' as most kids would prefer, and it is definitely NOT Disneyland.

My recommendation would be - go with a friend/partner, and invest in a babysitter for your kid(s). You will definitely enjoy it, and you'll be able to assess whether or not YOUR child will enjoy it when you return.

In my book, it's a bit pricey for a 'let's see if s/he likes it' adventure. YMMV. Love Walt, but it's not always about the kids

Hi- I think 9 is a good age for the WD Museum. It is true that it is more geared for adults and centered around the history and Disney, but at 9 I think there is enough for your child to enjoy. They also screen movies (no treats allowed in the theatre) so maybe you can focus your visit around that. wendy

We took our teenagers last summer. I'm a Disney fanatic and I loved it. They were mildly interested. They really enjoy the Disney theme parks.

There is a scale model of Disneyland. They also have a real multi-plane animation camera (it is a couple of stories tall) so you can see how they did the zooming and 3-D looking camera moves in the cartoons.

There is a lot of information about Walt Disney's life that many kids wouldn't find interesting. But they have interactive displays that your son might enjoy.

I grew up watching Walt Disney on TV and visiting Disneyland a few times, so I'm biased. If you like Disney, I say go for it. --Disney Lover

hi, the following is from my husband who took our son (age 8) to the Disney Museum earlier this year: The Disney Family Museum is an amazing place, but it can be overwhelming. The Disney Family (Walt's daughter) created it - not the Disney Company. It is the total opposite experience of a Disney Company operation: quiet, awe-inspiring and densely packed with smarty-pants artistic and technical achievements. There is way more to take in than any one person could see in one trip, and it ranges from interactive exhibits to artifacts of their work. I wouldn't take kids under five - mostly because they will get bored before you see even 5% of it - but my 8-year-old and I both loved it. Jeff