Steep Ravine Campground

Marin County

Steep Ravine Campground is in Mount Tamalpais State Park in Marin County, Calfornia. It is operated by the State of California.

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June 2010

Has anyone ever stayed at the Steep Ravine Cabins/Campsite on the Marin coast? I would love to book a site there and realize it's very coveted, but can't figure out how to possibly get a reservation on Reserve America, even very far in advance. Any hints on how to book? Many thanks.

On the first of the month at EXACTLY 8 am, reservations open up for the entire month six months from now... for example, July 1st at EXACTLY 8am, all of February opens up. Its a riot. Rates have gone up considerably, like $100 bucks now but well worth it. Don't diss the campgrounds. They are farther out, alot of work, but if you land there on a full moon, clear night OMG! Reenie

I have not personally stayed over in the cabins but have visited. Basically, it's a wood slab and a place to build a fire indoors with a great ocean view and a litte beach. Be forewarned, not only by the signs on the beach--my friend has actually seen swimmers not strong enough caught in the riptides there. It really should be only for strong swimmers. I think you can make reservations at the Mt. Tam shack. He also told me that on weekdays, you can sometimes catch a cancellation by going there after 1pm. and checking. I believe they are listed under California State Regional Parks. Rachele

May 2008

Any recommendations from anyone who has stayed at the steep ravine cabins with kids? Things we should remember to bring? Other words of advice? We have a 3 year old and 10 month old. Are we crazy? Momma who misses camping

I hope this email isn't too late, but I would definitely recommend Steep Ravine with kids! We took our then-19 month old daughter there last year for her first camping trip and we all had a great time. Granted we only have the one, but I think Steep Ravine is one of the easier places to camp. The cabins are so nice and the location is so spectacular that you really don't have to do anything or go anywhere. We spent one day ''hiking'' around the cabins and one day playing at Stinson Beach. I did appreciate knowing that we were so close to home and to civilization in case things did not go well, which is the other great thing about Steep Ravine. I would recommend bringing sheets/blankets to hang in the windows for some darkness for sleep and for privacy, and also to hang as a door between the bedroom and living room if you want to stay up later than the kids. Have a great time! Steep Ravine fan

April 2003

Re: Weekend of solitude for mom
Why don't you try a campground such as the beautiful Steep Ravine campground in Marin county near John Muir/Mt Tam. It is unique in that it is very close, and has cabins as well as tent sites. You could probably find they serenity, solace, and beauty you are looking for. It is right on the coast with excellent views of the ocean expanse. Just be careful not to go when the fog season rolls in. The only drawback is that is is very popular and takes reservations 6 months in advance. You could try to find a last minute cancellation. To find, do a google search for steep ravine campground and click on the reserveamerica website. Enjoy! chris

We've stayed at (and liked) Steep Ravine, which is really roughing it, and not quite the place for 2 kids. Maura