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Outside the Bay Area, CA

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Girls weekend in Sonoma/Calistoga

June 2011

A girlfriend and I are looking for a place to spend a weekend away. We're thinking Sonoma or Calistoga but are open to suggestions of anywhere within 2 hours of the east bay. We'd like to go somewhere where we can have spa treatments and delicious food/cocktails - some place with a spa and excellent restaurant both on site would be ideal. We're less interested in seeing the sights than in having some time to sit next to a pool, sip some drinks and blab. Thanks for any recommendations! Rockridge mom looking forward to a getaway

Sonoma Mission Inn is lovely - old-world charm. My husband and I got engaged by their gigantic fireplace. Nice spa treatments, warm mineral pool, yummy. If you've never tried Watsu- floating water massage in a very warm pool - it's heavenly. This place is expensive but sometimes you can get deals. --watsu, take me awaaaaayyyyyy

Re: Visiting a spa while pregnant (March 2003)
Hi - I just did this with a friend. (Both of us were expecting.) We went to Sonoma Mission Inn and each had a prenatal massage. Both masseurs were brilliant (sorry, I forgot their names.) They have all of the accessories and pillows to make back massage possible. Highly professional. Full service spa. I'd recommend it heartily. molly