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We went to Point Reyes this week and visited Abbot's Lagoon and Bear Valley, and both had bathrooms. Beautiful hiking!

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No frills place to stay in Point Reyes?

Aug 2010

2nd week of August. Does anyone know a place in Point Reyes where a couple can spend about 3 midweek nights? We're on a budget and are looking for a simple, quiet place where we can rest after hiking and beach walks. Thanks for any info!

I've stayed at several of the HI Hostels in California. They have one in Point Reyes: http://norcalhostels.org/reyes/ Most of the rooms at this hostel are shared, but you might be lucky enough to get the one private room. Vanessa

It is difficult to know what someone means by 'no frills'. I would suggest an amazing art studio and artist retreat in inverness: http://pointreyesvisions.com/NewFiles/Site_Pages_folder/Artist_Retreat.html

Nice and affordable Pt. Reyes cabin?

Oct 2007

My wife and two kids (1 and 3) spend lots of time in Pt. Reyes, but we've only spent nights in cabins out there a few times. Can anyone recommend a place to stay that is actually affordable? That would be amazing. Bruce

Try the Point Reyes youth hostel. You can reserve a family room when your kids are 6 and under. It's cheap, clean, has a kitchen that you share with others. Ruth

Try www.vrbo.com -- Vacation Rentals by Owners; these rentals are generally cheaper than going through realtors in the area. I know, because we own/rent a 3 BR vacation rental out there - which may be larger than you need. Be sure to calculate total costs: cleaning fees and the required 10% hotel tax when comparing. Also, some provide linens and others expect you to provide.

We also love Pt Reyes. the youth hostel is very reasonable, in the park, and has a family room. It's rustic, but you can't beat the price.

Affordable Pt. Reyes overnight?

Jan 2004

We're planning a quick, no-kids overnight to Pt. Reyes. Can anyone recommend an affordable (say, $100 max) place to stay for one night, midweek? I'm thinking about Bolinas but if there's anything in Olema in our range that would be nice too. It doesn't have to be fancy and I'd prefer not to have to be chatty with some B proprietor. Just seeking some peace and quiet, and I'd have a better time if we didn't bust the budget. Thanks.

I recommend checking out the www.ptreyes.com website. You can just plug in a date you're looking for and it'll provide a list of all places with availability that night, with brief descriptions and prices. There should be some at $100, especially mdiweek. One place in Olema with some $105 rooms is Ridgetop Inn, 415-663-1500. I haven't been there but it sounds nice. Good luck. adria m.

I don't know how much it is, but i just photographed a wedding at the Bar-Or Ranch. WONDERFUL place. Beautiful grounds, with horses and chickens and very sweet owners. They have cottages to rent and they're great.

More recommendations

Re: 10th Anniversary romantic getaway (May 2005)
The Rosemary Cottages in Point Reyes are so much fun and very romantic. Two of the cottages have hot tubs. We had our anniversary at the Ark, and while it the one without the hot tub, we enjoyed the getaway, the delicious organic breakfast they provide for you to cook yourself and the proximity to the bay area. A little pricey, but worth it. Here is their web site: http://www.rosemarybb.com/

Re: One-night getaway on the Marin/Sonoma Coast (October 2003)
Try the Point Reyes Seashore Lodge in Olema. Beautiful architecture, private baths with whirlpool tubs, many rooms with fireplaces, pastoral setting, and great views. You can go through the back yard/garden and right into the Point Reyes National Seashore Park. Highly recommend it. Go for two nights. Check the website: www.pointreyesseashore.com

Re: One-night getaway on the Marin/Sonoma Coast (October 2003)
I recommend the Point Reyes Station Inn. It is in the town of Point Reyes Station, about a 1 hour drive from Berkeley. It is a small bed & breakfast that has about 5 rooms with each one having slightly different perks. I've stayed there twice. The first time we got a room that was on the smaller side but it had access to a small private garden area. The next time we stayed there (which was the day after our wedding as a kind of mini-honeymoon) we got a bigger room that had a jacuzzi tub and a nice deck. The beds are very comfortable and they have yummy thick comfortors. The breakfast they offer is quite good and has a pretty good variety from yogurt & homemade granola, fresh fruit, homebaked muffins, that kind of stuff. It's a fairly short walk to the town area where there are a few nice restaurants. And it's a short drive to the beautiful Point Reyes Station National Seashore if you like hiking. The prices are pretty reasonable and there's a range of prices to choose from. They have a website at www.pointreyesstationinn.com. Good luck finding the right place and have fun! anon

Jan 2003

For a weekend getaway with my gal pals, I'd like to rent a large house in Pt. Reyes, Stinson Beach, Muir Beach or another similarly picturesque (and relatively nearby) spot. I'm seeking recommendions for rental agencies dealing with that area. Margaret

For rentals of all sizes of houses near Pt. Reyes, try West Marin Vacation Rentals. Don Pidd is the owner and they have houses in Pt. Reyes, Inverness etc. The phone is 415 663-1776 and the office is in Pt. Reyes. Also they have a website, www.west-marin.com. I used them for a gal pal getaway/wedding shower and also for a romantic valentine's day weekend for two a few years ago (before children.) cheryl

Also recommended: Stinson Beach

Nov 1999

I'm interested in not-too-expensive and nice places to stay (for weekend overnight) in the pt. reyes area. Any suggestions?

West Marin Realty has a Website which offers a variety of cabins for rent. (http://www.west-marin.com/ ) We've found it nice to have a kitchen with our daughter, rather than stay in a B

We go up to Pt. Reyes on the only vacations we ever get. Wonderful area. The best bet is to call Julie at Inns of Marin. Tell her what you need and when, how much you can spend, and she'll find something for you. We've gotten the (erroneous) impression over the years that no one really lives in the Inverness/Pt.Reyes area, as they are all renting out their homes and cabins, and cute little rustic units to vacationing and/or exhausted tourists. Make sure you tell Julie if you have any special requirements, such as: we need to have a workable, private phone in our B, or: we are allergic to pot bellied pigs, etc. There are so many lovely places to stay and for a variety of prices. Have a good, rejeuvenating time. Tobie