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NYC short term apartment rentals

Sept 2009

Going to NYC with my 3 sisters. One is turning 40, the other 50 and the others are 52 and 35. We will be spending a week in NYC to celebrate. We plan to do lost of touristy things like a show, Ellis Isle, museums, central park, etc. Where in the City should we stay? There are so many ways to get around that we are confused what part of the city is best. We all love a good glass of wine. Are weeklong house rentals/apt rentals an option? Cheaper than a hotel? Neighborhoods with hotels you suggest? None of us have ever been so it is all new to us. Coming from SF we have no issues around cabs, trains, etc. Love to hear your thoughts on where to stay and what to do!!! Thanks so much
Girls Hit the Big Apple

The Beacon Hotel at about 70th and Broadway was a fabulous place for our family of 4 a few years ago. We had a bedroom, living room w/ open up couch and a kitchenette. We were there off season so the rates were lower then usual...and this is off season, so maybe the same.

It's in a great part of the city on the upper west side, near Central Park, great shops, subway and a FABULOUS FABULOUS market on the next street.

For cheap-0 Holiday Inn Express on W.57th and 9th ave, but it's a hotel room, not a suite. I got that on Priceline and it was $100.00 per night. I was only there for a few nights taking my son to college.

I'd go w/ Beacon. Good luck and have a blast. former NY-er

I have successfully rented several apartments in NYC through My husband and I prefer the Upper Westside (approx the 70's-90's) as there are lots of great restaurants and bars easy access to museums, subway, taxi's etc. We like to be close to the park...but as you won't have kids with you this may not be that important. The Upper Eastside is good too (again 70's-90's). Be careful in VRBO as some people list their apartments as ''Upper'' East/West but they are way up past 120 or even 150.

If you guys are feeling funky, then renting in the Village or Chelsea could be fun. Mid-town is a bit boring; a place to visit for a show...but not a great place to stay (lots of big hotels and such).

Staying in an apartment has proven to be MUCH cheaper for us and we get more space...cheaper both in ''housing'' fees as well as the fact we don't have to eat out 3 meals a day as you would in a hotel. Have fun!!! I am a little jealous!

Sounds really fun! I've researched the hotel v. apartment issue and decided that renting an apartment is more cost effective because you can cook some meals and the hotel tax is really high in NYC. We stayed at the Millburn Hotel on the Upper West Side 2 years ago and there's a kitchenette with a microwave. I think they had hot plates if you asked for one. It's was nice -- clean and quiet, but not posh! I had not budgeted in the tax so the overall bill was more than I had estimated. We have reservations for an apartment I found on Craig's list, for next September. You should ask a lot of questions if you're renting that way and ask for references. The one I found is in the East Village, which might not be right for you. There are several apartment rental agencies that do the screening for you. If you stay in the East or West Village you will be near amazing food and bars, but when I lived there many years ago the night life was pretty loud and crazy on some of the more major streets. Be sure to ask if the apartment is quiet -- if it faces the street it might not be. If you stay on the Upper East or West sides you will be able to walk to Central Park and many many museums, and it's a long walk to the theatres, but you can do it. The Upper East and West Sides are very safe and quiet, and are largely residential once you're off the big streets. There's great grocery shopping on the Upper West Side the 70's at Fairway Market and Zabars. Both of those places have good take out, so you don't have to cook at all. The good bars and restaurants will be downtown but you can get around so easily via the subway or cabs. You could stay in mid-town, near the theatres, where you might get a good deal on a hotel (I have friends who found good rate for a mid-town hotel on price line last year) but it's more big city there, and you won't be as close to the parks. We took the Circle Line boat tour all around Manhattan. It's an amazing ride, especially if the weather is nice. You really can't go wrong! Have a great time! former New Yorker

I like the upper West Side. It's more of a ''neighborhood'' and less touristy than the Times Square area, yet close to the park and theatres/club. Many nice restaurants (local, not chains!) and bars. Just across the park from many nice upper East Side attractions (Guggenheim, etc.) We have stayed at the Lucerne Hotel, which is very nice and reasonably priced. You can also do a short term apartment rental. Times Square is centrally located but super touristy - worth a visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there. Have Fun in NY

One of the few silver linings in this economy are good hotel values in NYC. Just a few thoughts: do not believe anyone who tells you that Queens, Jersey, Brooklyn, Westchester, the Bronx, etc. are convenient places to stay for a Manhattan visit. Yes, they are each wonderful in their own right, but commuting stinks when a quick walk, cab or subway ride will make you much happier. You can do vacation rentals in NY. A quick google search will yield a bunch of options. Don't rule out hotels, though for the reason indicated above. The Hyatt by Grand Central and the Ameritania by the Ed Sullivan Theater near Times Square (but not IN TS) are good options. Neighborhoods that you may like for walking include SOHO, Chelsea, the West Side, and areas between Lex and Park, Morgan Hill, Gramercy Park, etc. on the East Side are all very nice. Be aware that even though Manhattan is an island, there are still some decent distances and you should not expect to walk from Midtown to SOHO without a decent sweat. The subway will get you there quickly and conveniently. Kiddie Koncierge

No idea what your tastes are, but I just had a wonderful time at Hotel 17. It's in the Gramercy Park area, right off of Union Square shopping and the famous Strand bookstore. Right on the main train lines to everywhere. Not expensive, lovely decor, etc. Have fun, wherever you choose. Had Fun

I would recommend staying on The Upper West Side. I have never stayed at The Lucerne or The Beacon, but I hear good things about them (I stay with family when I go).

As far as what to do, I highly recommend The Tenement Museum. It was one of the best tours I have ever done to date. It left me with a real and lasting appreciation of the hardships immigrants endure when they came/come here. I also really loved going to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Walk over The Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights and back. Will you be there for Easter? You MUST walk 5th Ave from about 59th street to slightly south of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Incredible display! Have Fun.

NYC short term apartment rentals

Sept 2009

Hi All,
My son just started college in NYC. I'm looking for resources for apartments to rent when we go to visit, rather then hotels. Any leads? There must be a B organization, or realtors that deal w/ vacation rentals? Thanks in advance, junekamerling [at], June

We rent apartments for visits to NYC on VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) It has worked out fine, though I've heard scare stories of the lister taking the rent money in advance and the renter showing up to find there is no such address. We rented once near WTC/Ground Zero and once in the West Village (a fourth floor walkup). Happy travels! Rebecca

Try this website:

I've used the site for condo rentals in Hawaii and they've always been pretty great, as long as you do your research of the area, inquire of the owners/property managers, etc. It looks like the rentals are pricey in NYC, but the good thing is that some owners vary their rents by the season, so you may find something to your liking both in price and location. Hope this helps! Helen

Staying Near Subway Line to Yankee Stadium

Aug 2008

Family of four going to NYC in a few weeks to catch a game at Yankee Stadium before it disappears. (Already have game tickets.) Looking for suggestions of clean, reasonably-priced hotels near most direct subway line to Yankee Stadium. Which is....? Thanks!

As an alternative to the subway...when we went to see the Yankees, we took the ferry from Pier 11/South Street Seaport. Our kids enjoyed the boat ride up the East River almost as much as the game.

For more information contact NY Waterway at 1-800-53-FERRY. Reservations are recommended. You can google ferry to Yankee stadium and get lots of information.

Enjoy!! Sally

First, you do not want to stay anywhere near Yankee Stadium. You want to stay in Manhattan. In NYC, you can get anywhere by using the subway system and transferring through Grand Central. The #4 train, as well as the B (weekdays only) and D trains all make stops at 161st St./Yankee Stadium, and all can be accessed through Grand Central. You do not need to stay by any of these subway lines. You can get there in a heartbeat through the Subway Transit System. Check the Yankee Stadium website also. I am sure they have good info.

As far as where to stay, I have not stayed at this next recommendation, but I have heard good things about it. Excelsior on the Upper West Side. Near Planetarium and Central Park. Nice area.

As a reminder, an average sized hotel room in NYC will cost no less than $300/night and will be big enough for your bed and your suitcase. You will have to go out into the hallway to change your mind.

- Mets Fan (7 train)

You have a fun trip ahead of you. I can suggest staying in Manhattan, because of all that is has to offer when your not at the game. As long as you are near a subway you are good to go, even if it's not one of the lines that take you to Yankee stadium you can do a quick transfer (the 4, B, D lines take you up to the Bronx and have a stadium exit) I do not recommend staying in the Bronx near the stadium and staying in outlying areas like Brooklyn, Queens or long island are a major hassle for getting to the stadium (I know I grew up there!) I would stay in the upper east side b/c it's a little cheaper than mid-town or the west side, in general I stay way from mid-town (the hotels are $$$$ and it's very congested even for NYC) unless you dig the whole times square scene, or want to see a B-way play. If you would like suggestions on good eats or other attractions feel free to email me. Cheers! Michelle

Girls' Trip to NYC

Feb 2007

My 2 friends and I are going for a girls trip to New York City. We are looking for a place to stay from May 4 to May 8. Since there are three of us and we don't have alot of money to spend on two hotel rooms, we were hoping to find a place that can sleep 3 (i.e. sofabed in the front room and a bed or two in the back) like a suite. I know these are usually expensive. The other option we were thinking of was renting an apartment, but I have no idea where to start looking. It needn't be fancy, just clean. A good location, and reasonably priced are really our only other requirements. If anyone out there has any recommendations, please let me know! Thanks in advance! Angelica

I traveled to NYC last year for a wedding. We ended up at the Courtyard Marriott MidTown East - We were a large party - my elderly parents, 2 sisters and 4 grandkids (8-18). We got 2 adjoining (not connecting) double rooms thinking we'd split up, but the rooms were huge, esp by NYC standards, one room had 2 queens and a pull out couch (both had refrigerators) so we let my parents have a room alone and my sister and I managed with our kids in one room. We spent alot of time looking for nice and affordable. Check out for this and other possibilities. Subway at the corner, 24hr drug store downstairs, a short walk to MOMA and 10 block walk or cab to times square, St. Patricks, etc. Staff was great, even managed to find us a nice restaurant on a Friday nite for 10 that my dad could walk to (ie: 2 blocks). I've had several other friends stay there since and they were all happy. Take your walking shoes!!! been there

We liked the Milburn Hotel, on 76th near Broadway. It's all suites (even a closet-size kitchenette), clean, and, for NY, affordable. Clean, close to subway (express and local) and bus, and near Central Park, Natural History Museum, etc. R.K.

Try the Milburn, on the upper west side. They have suites and are reasonably priced, for NYC. Have Fun! abby

We recently stayed at the Beacon Hotel on 75th and Broadway. We're a family of 4. We had a mini apartment there. 2 with 2 double beds and one ''living room'' with a pull out couch. Also a kitchenette. Across the street is a FABULOUS all night market. Bigger and better than Berkeley Bowl. It's a great and safe neighborhood. I think it cost just under $300.00 per night which is reasonable in NYC. They have a might be called Hotel Beacon rather than BH. Check it out. I can't wait to go back. former NY-er

We went to NYC for our last couples trip before the recent birth of our daughter and couldn't believe how expensive the hotels were for roach motel equivalents. A friend told us she goes almost every year and looks at craigs list NYC for people renting their apartments there for short term/weekends/etc. It was half the price and we had our own kitchen (and bathroom) to ourselves within a couple blocks of the subway. We definitely plan to go this route in NYC in the future. Good luck. not willing to pay $200/night to share a bathroom in Manhattan

Trip to NYC with 11 year old

Feb 2007

Re: A summer visit to NYC with 11 year old
We stayed right next to Grand Central Terminal, which is always exciting (at the Hyatt which has nice spacious rooms, by NY standards). The food market in Grand Central is like Market Hall.

I was in NYC in April without kids, but where I stayed was the Brooklyn Marriott. The subway station was right behind the hotel, literally, and I loved the location so much, I'm planning another trip with my kids (11 & 9 when we go) and we will stay at that same hotel. It was right by an outdoor mall that was pretty convenient (Macy's, a drug store, etc) and across the street from that was a small neighborhood store and a health food store, kind of a smaller version of Berkeley Bowl. Also, I could walk to Barnes & Noble. So this was the very best location for me to see everything I wanted to see and also where we were it would be easy to get to Manhattan (huge Toys R Us) or the Bronx Zoo. lena

I'm not sure what your budget is for staying in NYC, but there are some nice hotels on the Upper West Side (around West 80th) for about $200 or a little less per night (check including the Excelsior & On the Ave. It's a great location, because you are ON Central Park and all that has to offer, plus the Natural History Museum with its incredible dinosaur, animals, etc. collections, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, fantastic restaurants (of all price ranges), and of course markets (Zabars & Fairway) and H Bagels (you have to get these while you're in NY).

If you're looking for something much cheaper, you might be better able to find that in Brooklyn or New Jersey - and you can certainly take the train into city central. But, there is something about staying right in the city, in a nice, safe - fun to walk around neighborhood with places like the Mozart Cafe (a dessert menu of over 300 items) open (with a line) at midnight, fresh markets every block, and the sounds, life, and feel of the city itself.

Have a fantastic time! NYC native girl

We (me, DH, DD10 & DD 7) visited NYC in spring 2006. We had a fabulous time. We stayed at the Westin Times Square.

the washington square hotel in the village is nice has decent rooms for $145. it's at nyu and sees a lot of academic types come in and out. subway is a block away, so is a pharmacy and a health food store. central park is fun and the natural history museum is supposed to be a gas. the harold square hotel is midtown and cheap but not so nice. anon

Favorite hotel in NYC?

Feb 2006

I'm spending 4 nights in NYC in March and would love a recommendation for a favorite hotel. I'm hoping for a reasonable price (e.g., low 200's/night), clean, character, convenient to the theater district and the park. I think that's all possible from what I see on the internet but I don't know the hotels. I would be willing to splurge for a really special place. Mary in Oakland

if you are willing to splurge... then I would go for the Four Seasons. otherwise if you can get a deal on or other discounter, The Alex Hotel was quite spacious for NYC and came with a kitchenette. for other recommendations/reviews, you can always check reviews on Sophia

I went on girls trip to NY last June and stayed at the Park Central. It was great! We were right across the street from Carnegie Hall, 3 blocks from Central Park, and about 7 blocks from Times Square/Theatre district. The location was perfect...and so was the weather. The hotel was very reasonable, especially for its location. I highly recommend it!

I used to travel to NYC 3 to 4 times a year for business. To this day my favorite place to stay is the Hotel Metro on W. 34th (I think). It's a boutique type hotel, not a massive chain. There is a great restaurant downstairs Metro Grill, where you can get 10% off your meal if you are staying there. Also, it is in a great location. It's in the garmet district, a stone's throw from Macy's, from the top floor deck you can see the Empire State Building and you are very close to Times Square. It's a great location if you have to work at the Javitz Center. The price is also very reasonable for NY - the rooms can be small but they do have larger suites that are comfortable.

You can also try Craigslist, I have subleted flats from people before, you can get a great deal and sometimes get a really great place. Have fun! NY is such a great city! Jen

We love the Algonquin right in the Theater District. This hotel is pricier. But if you make reservations through this site, you are likely to get a great deal. We have always been able to get a room for substantially less. Just be sure to ask for any deals they may be having. Here is the hotel's site for a better description: Have a great time! Cathy

Last August my daughter and I stayed at the Park Central Hotel on 7th Avenue between 56/57. It was very easy to get to Central Park and the Theater district. The prices were very reasonable--like $150 a night. Look first at and see what rates they are offering for that hotel, then call the hotel directly and see if they can match or do better. The rooms were comfortable and, while not as clean as a room at the hilton, clean enough (like there was some dust behind the bed.) I was shocked at how nice it was, considering how inexpensive it was. Have fun. Barbara

Reasonable place to stay in NYC

August 2005

My family, including myself, my elderly parents, my 2 sisters, our children (5 kids 9-18)are all going to a wedding in NYC at the end of September. Any suggestions on reasonably priced places to stay? The wedding is in Chelsea so we'd like to stay as close as possible to make getting around with this group of 10 a bit easier. Thanks

for all those kids, you might want to look into an apartment. try or some of the other offerings. I also stayed at the Washington Square Hotel (before renovation). It wasn't the prettyiest place, but it was the cheapest place I could find and it was right off WSQ. My friend lives in Chelsea so she was real close. anon

We liked the Belvedere. It's in midtown, and was reasonable by NYC standards. carol

Check out the Larchmont Hotel. It's surprisingly reasonable and right near Chelsea. I stayed there once and thought it was great for the price. It's not fancy--the bathrooms are in the hall, ''pension style'', but the building is lovely, with a nice entrance and lobby. You can't beat it for the price and location. check it out: anne

Place to stay in Manhattan w/ 10-y-o daughter

Jan 2005

My 10 year old daughter and I are planning a trip to Manhattan in April. Rather than stay with family in New Jersey, I'd prefer accomodations in Manhattan. Can anyone recommend where to stay that is relatively inexpensive or suggest a method to obtain lodging like Priceline? anon

I go to NYC 2x/year for work. Most recently we've been staying at the Affinia Dumont in Murray Hill (34th & Lex), a quiet & non- descript neighborhood. There are decent (and even a few stellar) restaurants nearby and it is very close to the subway. The rooms are HUGE and every one has a full kitchen. It isn't cheap, from $200+. If you check Affinia online, you'll see a bunch of different hotels, and others in their group may be less expensive. Lise

We've had great success with Priceline for NYC stays (except at Christmas, when we had no luck at all). -only accept 3 or 4-star hotels -pick a 'top' price (we chose $120) and start lower; factor in Priceline fees and taxes, so you know what you're getting -bid $90, say, in ONE manhattan neighborhood (midtown, for example) -then if your bid isn't accepted, you add a neighborhood each time you raise your bid by $5-10 -call the hotel, once your bid is accepted, to confirm the room (smoking or not) and how many beds you'll get -once we got a great room with ONE bed (not good for 2 adults and 2 kids) ;you have to negotiate with the hotel to get 2 beds, once you get the room - and they charged us $20/night extra for 2 beds We've stayed at The Roosevelt, On The Ave, and Times Square Marriott for $120/ nite or less. When we've accepted a 2-star hotel, they put us in a dump. So we would never do that again. Priceline has fewer bargains today then when we started doing this 5 years ago. Then we got airfare and hotel bargains every time. Now it's hit or miss. Good luck! merry

Try They have great deals on hotels in NYC. I've used them for all my trips to NYC and every time they have had better deals than my company's travel agency.

I just stayed at The Lucerne on the Upper West Side. It's a great, small hotel in a super neighborhood (near the Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center, Central Park), with spacious rooms, reasonable rates, and a surprisingly good onsite restaurant. It's a block from the 79th Street/Broadway subway line, so very convenient. Actual location is 79th & Amsterdam. Lots of great kid-friendly restaurants around, including EJ's on Amsterdam. I stayed in Dec and paid under 200 for a very large room. They also have ''junior-suites'' with an extra sitting area, and I think rooms with efficiencies. You can book through for low rates. Amyp

Apartment or condo for family visiting NYC

November 2001

Greetings - Our family of two grown-ups and two kids plans to head to New York City for a four - seven day stay early next year - we'd love to find an apartment or condo that would provide a kitchen and other home-like qualities. The archives do not have this type of info, so I'm wondering if there is a seasoned traveler among us with either a specific recommendation for a place to stay or the name of website (other than Expedia) that provides access to this type of accommodation. Thanks very much. Deborah

Try the Kimberly Suites Hotel. They're located very centraly at Lexinton and 50th St. The hotel was originally built as an apartment building and their 1 bedroom suitees are very large and have complete kitchens. If you do a web search you will find many sites that discount them. Barbara

We're trying Since it's our first time of using them, I can't give you a final answer. They listed a lot of places of their web site, and we heard they were ok. We found an apartment that met our needs in the Village. Good luck. Please post if you find any great info. CDorf

My sister rents her apartment in Manhattan through an agency. The description is below. If hers isn't available at the time you need, the agency has other listings.

WEST 54th STREET off of Seventh Avenue This apartment is in a pre-war doorman building in a wonderful location. It is in the Theatre District close to Central Park, Carnegie Hall, The Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center, etc. The apartment is artfully furnished, with hardwood floors, beautiful moldings, an elegant archway, and a newly renovated kitchen. There is a queen- size bed in the bedroom and a full-size sofabed futon in the living room. This is the home of two writers, so the apartment is filled with books. Amenities include cable TV/VCR, microwave, air conditioning, answering machine with separate inbox for guests. There is a full bathroom with tub and shower. This is a charming, comfortable apartment in a most convenient neighborhood. Price: $160 a night for 1 or 2 persons, $185 a night for 3 or 4 persons

Contact Manhattan Lodgings, 212-677-7616 or rodson at Lynn

I've had some luck finding vacation rental apartments in Manhattan through B & B agencies. It's often considerably less expensive and more comfortable to go this route. It's been a couple of years since I've called these agencies, but here are some names you might try:
At Home in New York (212)956-3125 City Lights Bed & Breakfast Ltd. (212)737-7049 [updated 12/03] Abode Bed & Breakfast Inc. (212)472-2000 Bed & Breakfast Network of New York (212)645-8134 Have a great time! alissa

We signed up with the web site and had an opportunity to trade our Berkeley appartment for one in Manhattan. People all over the world sign up, and you contact each other and make your own arrangements. It might be something to look into if you're looking for nice but cheap accomadations. Clare

Apartment for 10 days with 2 young children


We are going to New York City next Spring with our two young children, the grandparents and my brother in law. I would like to find a three bedroom apartment or condo that we could rent for a week to 10 days. I am not having any luck with my travel agent. Any help on where to look would be appreciated! Thanks! Lisa

We usually stay with family in Queens, but last year a friend of mine stayed at the Off Soho Suites with her family of five. The suites have a kitchen and are located near the Village. They aren't apartments, they probably don't have weekly rentals, but I thought I throw it out there. The URL is Sonya

About 5 years ago, I stayed in Manhattan for 10 days. I was able to stay in a furnished studio apartment in midtown. I went through a place called Off Park Bed & Breakfast. It cost $90/night and I was in a doorman building on Madison Avenue, near the Empire State Building. The number is 212-228-4645. I don't know if it still exists, but it might be worth a shot. Ilana

try I'm told that you can rent empty apts (eg airline pilot apts) for days or weeks at a time. Merr