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March 2005

Has anyone stayed at the Mountain Home Ranch outside of Calistoga? We're considering spending a few days there this summer with our 3 yr old, 5 yr old, and dog. I've seen their website, but don't actually know anyone who has been there. Would you recommend it? Thanks

We stayed at Mountain Home Ranch in January, with several other families (lots of kids), for a reunion. We had a great time there, and it suited our group well. However, the accommodations are pretty old and funky and the place is need of some TLC. (Possibly things are better kept during the summer, when they have more guests.) We enjoyed the grounds, the kids loved feeding carrots to the horses, we took several short hikes, some kids swam in the (not very clean) pool, we had a potluck in the lounge area, and we gathered for a fine breakfast together in the main dining room. Feel free to contact me with specific follow-up questions. Lori

I went to Mtn. Home Ranch with my then-3 year-old two years ago. We went during Spring Break, so some of the amenities weren't in use - the pool, for instance. It rained while we were there, too. But she loved it. It is small and old and not at all fancy. The breakfast is very nice, as I recall, and served in the main house. There are a few horses, and carrots out all day for you to feed to them. This was basically our main activity. There are also goats and a cow. That was enough for us! We went ''fishing'' - she didn't know you need a hook, and I didn't tell her! - at the little pond nearby, and we went into town for dinner. It was nice and slow. Nancy

We stayed at MHR about 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. Our kids were 3 and 1. They enjoyed the animals - horse, goats, chickens, dogs and the swimming pools. We went for short hikes and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. The food was fine and people were really nice to us. We stayed in one of the cabins (Joy?) and I recall the bed as being pretty uncomfortable. Nick

Re: Large Reunion in the Bay Area (Sept 2003)
Look into Mountain Home Ranch in the hills/mtns. above Calistoga off the road to Santa Rosa (Petrified Forest Road?). The family owned and run collection of cabins has two swimming pools, a small lawn area, hiking, and a communal dining area outside. It's rustic, they provide breakfast only, you'd have to bring in caterers. It's a FABULOUS place for families, provided they are not expecting treatment of a Four Seasons'. Triple J ranch is right there also. Have fun- christina