Mercey Hot Springs (Firebaugh, CA)

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May 2010

Re: Cool spa-like getaway?
Mercey Hot Springs. We love this place! Far enough away from the Bay Area but still less than a 3 hour drive coming 580 to the 5. They have lovely original cabins dating to the 1930's. This is a very unique place and the people are very nice without any hippyness. It is definitely one of those little secrets. My husband and I got married here, we love it so much. The wildflowers in early spring are amazing, but I still find it beautiful in the summer as well. A hidden spot with the old west feel, but completely on board with the latest green technology- they run solar and wind to power almost everything now. Anyway, check out the website, if you've heard about it in the past but haven't gone recently, they have made many nice upgrades including a swimming pool with the same water as the hot springs, but cooled down, several more bathrooms and improved camp sites. Rachel