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July 2002

We are going to Ireland with our 12 and 14 year-old kids. We would appreciate any suggestions for fun and interesting things to do. Denise

Our family spent 3 weeks in Ireland last summer with two teens. Instead of Dublin stay in the nearby town of Dun Loaghaire - its calmer, you can take a quick train into Dublin each day, interesting beach walks and swimming (brr). Go to Dingle and see Fungi the dolphin - yes, full of tourists, but a good kid friendly village. We rented a self catering apartment for a week in Westport. It was good to settle in for a week with a home base and the weekly rates are reasonable. The town had a nice community center with a pool. Lots of kid friendly eateries but it was also good to cook our own meals and rent a video and relax after a day of exploring. Spend a night on an Island. We stayed on Claire Island. Very quiet - but the boat ride out was an adventure and the kids enjoyed gentle hikes surrounded by sheep. - Nancy