Hershey Chocolate Factory

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Sept 2004

In checking the current Hershey's webpage, they state that factory tours for the public are no longer available (sad). They have a gift and souvenir shop which is open Monday thru Saturday, 9:00-5:00 PM and late on Thursday till 7:00. Sue

March 1998

From: Roger

The Hersheys plant is in Oakdale.

Take i580 east to i205 to i5 north. about 0.5 mi north take 120 east all the way to Oakdale. The visitors center is just around the corner where 120 turns left in Oakdale. allow two hours travel time.

Visitor Center hours: M-F 8:30-5:00
Chocolate Plant tours(free) 8:30-3:00

info: (209) 848-8126