Visiting Greece

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We are traveling to Greece this summer with our 8 and 11 year old children. We have traveled to Greece before, but not with children. Any suggestions on incredibly wonderful places to stay or sights to see would be appreciated. Since we fly into and out of Athens, any recommendations for hotels would be welcome. Thanks, Melissa

We took our 11 year old daughter to Greece last year and enjoyed a wonderful time. From Athens an easy day trip is to the little-known but nearby island of Anghistri. It is an unspoiled gem about 2 hrs by ferry from Piraeus. Book your trip at the port of Piraeus (downtown ticket agents do not sell these trips) and once on Anghistri take the lone bus to Dragonera beach. Wow! great for moms, dads, and kids alike. For a little longer (land) journey, try visiting Ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth by bus and taxi from Athens. Anthony

We took our 10 year old daughter to Athens last Fall. It is a fascinating city. I can't recommend a hotel but I can tell you not to stay in the Aphrodite Hotel in the Plaka area. They were particularly unhelpful and unfriendly.

The Plaka area is the ancient marketplace area with winding street and lots of shops and restaurants. The kids will like that. It's also pretty easy to walk to the Acropolis from there through the ruins of the Agora. The Olympic stadium is fun too. The day trip I liked best was to one of the small islands (Angistri). Swimming in the skyblue water was relaxing after several days of intense sightseeing. Also, be aware that the taxis will refuse to take you if you're not headed in their direction. They will also pick up others along the way. It's a very interesting culture to learn about. Unfortunately, the Greeks have Tourist Police for a reason. Be careful and recheck all reservations and tickets. Enjoy! Trish