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Sheep Dung Inn?

April 2002

Has anyone stayed at Sheep Dung Inn in Anderson Valley? How did you like it? Does anyone have more feedback on likes and dislikes of lodgings in beautiful areas that allow dogs? I tried Manchester beach KOA cabins with a kitchen and bath last year for $135/night. Accomodations were great for dogs but the walk to the beach was about 1/4 to 1/3 of a mile, and their pool wasn't heated at the time. I also found website to have some listings. Susan

Yes, we went to Sheep Dung last August with our dog. It is just a wonderful place. Dog heaven. Before we left we made reservations to go back which we will do in just a few more weeks. Lots of info at Beautiful setting, away from everything, hiking trails, dog pond for swimming. High marks.

My husband and I stayed with our dog at Sheep Dung about 2 yrs ago in the month of May. While we did have a good time, dog included, we have not been back, partly because we found that the time of year that we went was beastly hot (no Bay Area fog there to keep temps cool). The cabins are designed as passive solar and work reasonably well, but when it's really hot, there's no escape (there is a pond for dog swimming but not really appealing for people swimming), and there are no fans (actually we begged for a fan from the owners the second night and they did set us up with one). So I would say it is a beautiful place, but consider what time of year you are going to be there, and if it's anytime soon, plan to head to the coast for the day to stay cool. Nowadays, when we plan a ''family'' vacation that includes the dog, we take the long 7-hr car-ride to Trinity Alps and stay at the Ripple Creek cabins-- it's incredibly gorgeous up there, the owners of Ripple Creek (they have a website) live in the Bay Area and have this set of cabins right on the Trinity River, and are incredibly pet friendly. I'm almost loathe to pass on the recommendation because getting a reservation there can set you out 6 months, but it's worth the drive, especially if you can stay a week or so. Good luck. LUISA

After all the posts on Sheep Dung, I felt the need to speak up. I went there in January for my birthday with my girlfriend, toddler son, and my ex and her girlfriend, plus our total of 5 dogs. Overall, it was *very* pleasant--very usable kitchen with fully stocked pantry, beautiful views, and great places to walk with your dogs. BUT... at least in January, the ticks were just astoundingly plentiful. We combed the dogs for ticks--and these are the scary, tiny, potentially Lyme-disease-carrying deer ticks--after each and every walk and still ended up finding some later (including one embedded in my son's neck, ecch). Next time, I would still go, but bring a tick & flea deterrent spray and spray the dogs and my legs (and my son's legs) each and every time we went out. I never want to be that good at combing out ticks again. We stayed in Hilltop and Treehouse, which were perfect for our party. Jennie