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The mission of Chabot Space & Science Center is to be a place for students of all ages to learn and be inspired about the Universe and our Planet Earth.

Founded as an observatory in 1883, today Chabot offers visitors the very latest in hands-on, interactive exhibits, displays, and Planetarium shows that explore the mysteries of the universe and of life here on earth. Combined with a full program of activity-filled classes, workshops, Space & Science Camp, outreach programs, and special events, Chabot Space & Science Center has become the Bay Area's go to destination for visitors of all ages who want to discover and learn about space and earth sciences.

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Chabot Space & Science with a Toddler?

Oct 2009

Have a free coupon for Chabot Space and Science-wondering if it's a appropriate for a 26 month old with an interest in planets. Thanks Beth

Yes, there's definitely stuff at Chabot that your two-year-old would enjoy! We like Chabot

Go for it you'll have a great time. They have planetarium shows geared towards the young ones so check the schedule. They also have an activity room with an area just for the wee ones, and many other fun fun exhibits! My 10 year old and 23 month old love it! Sevgi

The grandparents just took my 2.5 yo and 4.5 yo there. The plan HAD been to hit both the space center and oakland zoo that day... but they had so much fun at the Space center that the zoo was bumped to another day. got a break day!

March 2007

We had a not-good experience last summer at Chabot, which a friend suggested I share here. My daughter was in Kitchen Science, which is for the younger grades. I found it very frustrating, because the counselors - high school kids - didn't seem to know the weekly schedule and didn't keep track of their students. I never knew if they'd be back in the room they started in, or to find the students in the lobby. Class didn't start and end on time, which is really annoying when it makes your kid late for an appointment. Worse was that I saw a kid playing on the high ledge while his counselors were in the classroom, not realizing where he was. fterwards, I spoke with the director about the problems I observed, so maybe it will be better this summer. anonymous