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Easter Day Brunch

Feb 2008

Can anyone recommend a great place to have Easter brunch for our group of 12. Preferably in the east bay and not as far as SF. Thanks! need a reservation

The Claremont does a lovely but rather expensive buffet at Jordan's. We usually go for Mother's Day but I know they do easter too. Lots of kids. You can dress up or not. Lisa

Sunday Brunch after holy communion

April 2006

Hello, We are looking for a nice place to have brunch/lunch after our daughter's holy communion in May. We prefer Albany or Berkeley. Our group is not big, only 8-9 people. Do you have recommendations for a nice restaurant? Thank you very much.

You might try Ristorante Venezia on University. It's lively decor is fun, with clothes hanging off the cieling (clothes line art). We had our daughter's birthday party there when she was 8 and the kids loved the colorful scenary. The menu will also fit everyone's taste. Trish

Skates on the Bay at the Berkeley Marina has decent food (and it's kind of hard to screw up brunch, right?) and wonderful views.

La Note Restaurant, Berkeley with a party of that size, they will accept a reservation. bk

Good Brunch Spots for girlfriend get-together

March 2005

Some girlfriends and I are getting together soon for Brunch and wanted to get suggestions on some good places. Price is of no concern as we are ''treating'' ourselves to a really special day. Any suggestions?

The Hotel Nikko in SF (near Union Square) has a lovely Sunday brunch that I've gone to. I normally don't like buffet-style but in this case, because of the huge selection of different foods and freshness of everything, I loved it. They had a jazz band playing which added to the nice ambiance. You'll never get to taste everything, but do your best to get to all the tables - YUM! I think it was about $50 pp, including tax and tip Andrea

Cacao cafe is inside the scharfen berger chocolate factory. They have good breakfast/lunch items (only on sunday, though) and, of course, great desserts. They don't have outdoor seating, but I enjoyed the food and service. ang

The Claremont Hotel has an awesome Sunday Brunch. Carrie

Anniversary Brunch in the East Bay

Sept 2004

With our two active children we rarely get the chance to go out but a family member has volunteered to watch our kids on a Sunday morning. We are looking for a restaurant that serves brunch to celebrate our anniversary. We live in El Cerrito and don't want to drive too far but will consider going further East (Walnut Creek, etc.) or as far North at Corte Madera, Larkspur. I checked the archive and didn't see much info. on some of the places I'm considering in Berkeley/Oakland. Has anyone tried the following places for Sunday Brunch? Garibaldi's, Oakland Salute, Richmond The Claremont Hotel Lafayette Park Hotel Any other places you've really enjoyed? Any advice is most appreciated.

Scott's in Walnut Creek has a fancy, celebration atmosphere brucnh. Bottomless cups of coffee and champagne. And not your average waffeles and omelets. Its a buffet, about $30 per person. But well worth if for a special occasion. a brunch fan

A very delicious brunch close to where you live can be found at Hs. Lordship's on the water at the Berkeley Marina. anon

It has been years - but the Lark Creek Inn in Larkspur had a really nice brunch, hearth made breads, beautiful space, relaxing atmosphere - all you want for intimate dining. I think it was Bradley Ogden's first restaurant. They still do brunch and you can book reservations via ljr

Garibaldi's on College is great for brunch! My husband & I went to celebrate my birthday, and it was perfect. Feels festive and special, and you can get either breakfast or lunch dishes. Cocktails are great too! Enjoy. Amy

Graduation Brunch near Moraga

April 2004

I am looking for suggestions for a restaurant in or around Moraga to go to after my daughter's graduation. We'll be going for brunch with her grandparents and aunts. Our only request is ''Great Food!'' Many Thanks!

For brunch in Moraga, I would recommend Ristorante Amoroma. I recently had my daughter's 1st communion brunch there on a Saturday. The service was friendly and attentive. We had 14 people, and I thought the prices were very reasonable. Another option would be Cafe Terzetto, also in Moraga. Sherry

Brunch after Baptism in Oakland

November 2002

We are baptizing our daughter in a couple of weeks at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Lake Shore Avenue in Oakland. Does anyone know of a nice place in the area where we can have brunch for a party of about 10? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Penelope

There is a place on Lakeshore in the Starbucks/Spettro area called Meze (I think). They have a good brunch and would be really close. Not as close but really good is the Purple Plum, I think they have started a brunch. Kean

Rolling Dune on Lakeshore. Crepes/omelettes and pastas. lots of high chairs. roomy. self service. Good homefries and tastey crepes. Autumn moon: A bit fancier, table service. great hungarian coffee cake and baked goods. egg dishes. You will need reservations. It's on grand just up from safeway. Tins Tea house 7th and Webster. Dimsum. A bit of a hike. But great prices and great dim sum at a good price. kid friendly. You'll be able to get a nice big round table. they take reservations. Jessica

You don't say what day of the week the baptism is. If it's on a Sunday, I've heard that Mezze on Lakeshore (near Mandana) has a nice brunch. I know some parents who have taken their infants there with them. I haven't done it myself. It is a nice place, fairly pricey for dinner, I'm not sure what the brunch price is. The food I've had at dinner has been very good. Lisa

Try Mezze on Lakeshore Avenue for brunch. The food is good with a decent selection (different kinds of omelettes, pancakes, french toast, and a couple of specialties), prices reasonable (between $6-$12, and it has a nice atmosphere. I've seen parties there the times I've had brunch there. anon

I don't know if Lynn and Lu's on Grand near the coffee mill would make plans for a private party, but they do have a good brunch. anon

Mezze on Lakeshore (3407 Lakeshore). I've seen large parties at Mezze brunch before and their specials are often quite wonderful. Jen

We've had brunch at Mezze's--it is a little pricey but not overly so. Mezze's takes reservations. Mezze's is also a very different atmosphere than Rolling Dunes--there you order at the counter and sit down with a number at the tables. Another reasonable place is Lakeshore Cafe near Baby Gap. The food is not fancy but good and it's ''sit down'' but it is a very sparten atmosphere (more so than Rolling Dunes). Great for kids though. They have tables in the back ''garden area'' but I have not eaten back there so I don't know the atmosphere. You could also go down to Jack London Square--Jack's Bistro is good but even more pricey. anon.