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Venue for a Baby Shower in East Bay

Feb 2004

Hi. Can anyone recommend some good locations or restaurants for a baby shower for about 20 people (plus or minus), preferably in the Oakland / Berkeley / Emeryville area. I have consulted the website. Thanks. anon

I've attended some great baby showers in restaurants in the Oakland/Berkeley area. They all have amazing food and were very accommodating. To meet budgets, you could pre-select a menu of items for your shower guest. Ginger Island on 4th Street - they don't have private rooms, but we had a whole section of the restaurant cornered off for a shower of about 25. Garibaldi's on College Ave - They have a private room and there were about 30 of us. Good luck!

My baby shower was held in the restuarant at the Claremont Hotel and it was absolutely lovely. Kelly Jo

Baby shower in San Francisco

August 2003

I am trying to find a place to host a baby shower in SF for approximately 20 people. Ideas? Gretchen

We recently had a wonderful baby shower/tea at the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton. It was held during their regularly scheduled tea time, but a section was set aside for the shower. I don't know the cost, but they did validate parking...which is a big savings! Lorie

My friends just threw a baby shower for me at La Table (3640 Sacramento St.) in SF. They have a beautiful back room that is perfect for a shower and the service was wonderful. I'm sorry I can't comment on the cost since I don't know how much it was but I can say it was the perfect place for a party! Helen

-- We had a baby shower for a friend at the Sheraton Palace for tea. It was very fun, and apparently a fairly popular destination for such events. Good food, good teas, and easy for the hostesses. The setting could not be more spectacular. And just off the Montgomery Street Bart station, so no parking in San Francisco.

Lovejoy's in Noe Valley is a spot for high tea. They host plenty of showers there for very reasonable prices. AH

You might try Lovejoy's Tea Shop on Church Street in Noe Valley. I have seen other showers being hosted there and it looks like it would be lovely. The food is wonderful and the decor is very charming and quaint. The only drawback is that they may not be able to host 20 people-- it's definitely worth checking though. Good luck! anon

Maybe a tea? You could go all out at the Garden Court in the Sheraton Palace on Market St. or at the Ritz Carlton. Both do lovely formal tea services. Or if cozy and comfy sounds better there's Lovejoy's Tea House on Church. Ann

One of my favorite little restaurants in the city is a french place called L'Olivier it's on Davis Street. They have a couple of rooms that would fit your group and be private- a garden room in the front and a larger room in the back. They do a prix fixe menu for large groups that is very well priced for the city. Give Christian or Ghee a call at 415-981-7824. Juliette

We held a baby shower for a friend at Il Fornaio, near Levi Plaza. The service and room were wonderful. MD

Ask for the back patio at the restaurant, ''the Magic Flute'' wfp