Avila Beach

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May 2003

Re: Central Coast Beach with a one-year-old

I stayed at the Inn at Avila Beach on business and loved it! It's a pink 3 or 4 storey building right on the beach. The beach looks splendid (unfortunately, I didn't get to spend to much time there) and cost of the rooms is reasonable, considering the location. The decor of the rooms is very eclectic, but still quite comfortable. Avila Beach isn't right on Hwy 1 or 101, but not too far out of the way, either. There are a couple of decent restaurants there and at the harbor. I also seem to recall that the motel has laundry facilities... Anyway, have a fun trip. The central coast is lovely! anon

I don't have info on places to stay for you, but I was just in San Luis Obispo for the weekend and discovered a fantastic beach with my 3-and a half year old. It is called Avila Beach and is about 10 minutes drive south of SLO. The sand is soft, there is a pirate-themed playground, a great pier to walk down (go all the way to the end to see starfish and other critters), and restaurants (which we didn't try). Apparently there had been oil leakage many years ago and in recent years they have completely cleaned it up. The water was only a little warmer than up here in Bay Area but the weather is so hot it was refreshing. Lise