Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

Richmond, CA

Wildcat Canyon Regional Park encompasses 2,427 acres along the Wildcat Creek watershed and the surrounding hills and ridges. The park extends from the Tilden Nature Area above the Berkeley hills in the south to historic Alvarado Park at the north end in Richmond. It includes a significant portion of the paved Nimitz Way extending from Inspiration point in Tilden Regional Park

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Sept 2002

RE: Site for outdoor 1st birthday party in October

Hi. I don't know where you are, but there's a great playground in the Alvarado Area of the Wildcat Canyon Park up in the Richmond Hills (where Arlington ends at McBryde). The reservation site with tables is called ''Acacia'' and right next to it is a really nice toddler park with good sand. It's a bit tricky to describe to party goers in the invite, but you can direct folks to a map of the area and then a subset map of the park and/or send them to the park website: www.ebparks.org and you can always put signs or balloons up to help get them there. Contact that website for more info on how to reserve (free). Good luck! Just had a party