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  • Hello Berkeley Parents,

    I hope you read this in good health. We currently have a daughter in Kindergarten at a BUSD school. However, we would like for her to learn in a mandarin immersion setting. We are looking into transferring OUT of Berkeley Unified and applying to a district which has a mandarin immersion school, West Contra Costa Unified. Does anyone have any experience in this?

    I have emailed both BUSD Admissions and WCCUSD transfer office, but both are closed due to COVID19. I understand the demand for public immersion programs are high, and we would not be a priority getting in, but we would like to at least see the process through.

    Any insight and feedback greatly appreciated. 

    The WCCUSD transfer office staff is working remotely, so our understanding is things are getting processed but it's slower than usual (which is saying something). While I can't speak to the BUSD side, my crystal ball says WCCUSD is probably going to be happy to have more students - however, you will have to follow up closer to the start of the school year. Don't expect to hear anything until early August at the very earliest, and it's more like the week before school starts. Just keep calling and emailing starting the Monday before WCCUSD school starts.

    You might also consider Yu Ming, which is a Mandarin-immersion charter school. It's in North Oakland, so maybe not as convenient as Richmond, but you wouldn't need to do an interdistrict transfer. No idea how hard it is to do a late application for first grade, though, or how much Mandarin proficiency (if any) your child needs.

    The Mandarin school is a gem.  It is diverse and vibrant. Active parent community. Pursue it.  Contact the principal Eric Peterson who can help to facilitate. 

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