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Experience with University of Redlands?

April 2015

Just doing a little more background checking since my son has decided Redlands would be his home for the next four years. Does anyone out there in BPN land have any comments on this college, good or bad? Thank you! Hopeful mom

Hi Hopeful Mom -- My daughter is just finishing her sophomore year at U of R and we both love it. She is so happy there for so many reasons. I am very happy to talk to you about my experience as a U of R parent and share my impressions of my daughter's experience as a student. Just send me an email and we will connect. Good choice! Sindy

Hi There!

I just wanted to share a bit of insight about U of R.

Although I did not attend U of R, I grew up in Redlands and can honestly say that it is a wonderful private school with lots of culture and great opportunities for students to become involved in the school as well as the greater community.

U of R is seen as the shining star of the city and everyone is very supportive of the university and their students. I also think that their May Term opportunities are amazing! I had one friend go to Prague, and another to Israel.

Unlike the big universities students who go abroad from U of R are typically taught by faculty that goes with them.

My one word of advice would be that Redlands is a fairly conservative small town (it's not that small but if you ask the locals they would like to think it's still a town of 10,000), they have made a concerted effort in the last few years to really create some strong entertainment and restaurant options in the area, but it is nothing like the Bay Area as far as activities. They have added a few local breweries and restaurants that I see lots of college kids at when I return home. Most of my friends I knew that attended U of R loved it, and they got fabulous educations.

My only other thing to be aware of is that public transportation is basically nonexistent. I would imagine it might seem a bit isolating for kids who don't have access to a vehicle.

Best of luck, and Go Bulldogs!
Redlands Kid