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April 2015

We would like any info on Univ of Puget Sound, both pros and cons. Thanks.

My son is currently a junior at UPS and came from a ''good'' private high school. He was awarded a large merit based scholarship, which was a factor in his decision to attend. He has taken full advantage of the academic opportunities (double major plus participation in athletics), has made good connections with a couple of professors (though he describes much of the teaching as ''adequate''), made good friends, and has enjoyed his roommates and various living accommodations. The school is pretty laid back, not overly competitive, and generally well organized. The campus is small but very beautiful. On a few occasions, my son has mentioned a small disappointment at the general level of the academic commitment of the students in his departments but it seems to be improving as the courses get more specific. Tacoma itself is somewhat limiting - with very little public transportation - but he has a bicycle and occasionally gets into Seattle with friends who have cars. He also doesn't mind the rain...

My son is already looking forward to graduate school - and hopes to be surrounded by both peers and professors with a little more intensity for ideas and study. He may head for a high powered grad school (perhaps in an urban environment) because he now wants it.

Personally, I think UPS has been absolutely perfect for him. Good luck! UPS Mom