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UC Riverside or UC Merced?

March 2012

My child was offered acceptance at UC Merced and UC Riverside, any pros or cos for either schools. Major is undecided but interests are computer science / business. College Bound

UC Merced and UC Riverside are very different! Have you read the material on the UC website about the majors and programs offered at each campus? I believe Merced has fewer choices of majors. Has your child visited each campus--that would be essential because the atmosphere at each is quite different. Given that Merced is the youngest UC campus, it may not have as strong a reputation as Riverside. But the key question is--which does your child prefer? The child's preference and the availability of majors or courses should be the key deciding factors. Anonymous

My son LOVES UC Riverside and wouldn't hesitate to tell you so. The quality of instruction, the feeling that everyone belongs to a community, the friendliness all are important to him. k.