Suzannah Neufeld, MFT

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Suzannah Neufeld, MFT, RYT is a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga therapist, pre/postnatal yoga teacher, and mother of two who has specialized in supporting women’s mental health for over a decade.  She has a private practice and leads yoga workshops and yoga support groups for moms at the Rockridge Wellness Center in Oakland.

Specialties: pregnancy, postpartum, maternal mental health, eating disorders/body image

Practice offerings: evidence-based psychotherapy (CBT, ACT), mindfulness and compassion-based therapy, yoga therapy, expressive arts.

Groups and classes: Monthly yoga/support group for moms: Moms Full Circle.  Quarterly yoga therapy workshops.

Parent Reviews

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Over the years, I have attended several of Suzannah's yoga classes and workshops (Moms Full Circle Group and Yoga for Mama's Mood) and cannot express how invaluable they are! Not only did I leave her groups feeling more at ease, more supported by a community, and more empowered to take on the day to day challenges of motherhood, but her strategies for enhanced well-being have remained, with me, long after her workshops have ended. I find myself gravitating again and again towards relying on the simple, yet effective exercises to fit in more motion, self-compassion, and mindfulness into everyday life. She makes yoga and meditation at home--even with a paucity of time--accessible to all! Suzannah is a rare gem, whose profundity shines through and brightens the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to have discovered her. Now you just have to decide, which capacity resonates most for nourishing your own self: yoga classes, Mothers' groups, or psychotherapy services? Whatever you choose, it is certain to enrich your life for the better.

I've participated in several of Suzannah's yoga/meditation/art workshops for moms and always come back feeling renewed, supported and hopeful. She does an amazing job of creating a really loving, beautiful, warm space, where a diverse group of women are welcome to come together and share our thoughts and reflections with one another. I love her Mom's Full Circle workshops which combine art, yoga, meditation, music and conversation. I highly recommend Suzannah's groups! 

I have taken several of Suzannah's yoga workshops and classes and have found them to be beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing. She is wonderful! I highly recommend her groups, even for those with no yoga experience.