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San Francisco

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Jan 2002

Re: ELCA Church
My family belongs to St. Francis Lutheran in SF (Market and Castro/Church -- also known as Our Lady of Safeway due to its proximity), which was kicked out several years ago and is the poster child for congregations that have told ELCA that we think they're wrong about calling 'out' pastors. (BTW, according to ELCA, if a pastor was ordained and THEN declared themselves gay, it's okay for them to keep on preachin'. Like I said, not progressive.) There are only a few kids at St Francis, and while it's a fabulous group of caring people, gay, straight, seniors, and 'other' (I'm not Lutheran, not religioius and I actually don't mind going) there are maybe 3-5 kids at Sunday School, which happens every other Sunday. check the website for more details. . If you'd like your child to be doted on by the congregation, and a good organ and music are important, St Francis is without peer!