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We belong to Resurrection Lutheran Church, which is in Oakland near the Grand Avenue side of Lake Merritt (just off the 580). It's diverse and progressive, and very involved in the community and the world. We have sister parishes in E. Oakland, as well as in Tanzania and El Salvador. I can't say enough about the pastor, Lucy Kolin, who is intelligent, articulate, and just very sincere as a person. She really has a gift in making scripture, Christian teaching, etc. vital and current to contemporary society.

It's not huge, though, and only has a handful of kids, so it might not be what you're looking for. It is, however, a great and caring community, and those kids who are coming up/have been raised in that church I think have been very nurtured spiritually. We decided, rather than looking for a placed based on the child factor, that we really liked Resurrection and felt right about building up their young congregation. And it's been great; our son is really loved by/important to many of the members, especially the older ones, who have watched him grow since birth. Stefanie