Pacific Pediatrics

San Francisco
(415) 565-6810

45 Castro St # 232 San Francisco, CA 94114

  • Pediatricians at this practice: Allison Goodyear, Daniel Kelly, Janice Kim, Barry Rostek, William Solomon, Martha Taylor

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May 2014

RE: Need San Francisco pediatrician recommendations

The best pediatrician in SF, hands down, is Dr. Daniel Kelly. He's warm, extremely experienced, wonderful with babies and kids, and their parents. He has trained countless pediatricians in the Bay Area; they all love him. He strikes the perfect balance between being vigilant and aware, yet being reassuring about all the little quirks babies have. Both of our kids ended up having rare genetic disorders; our daughter's condition was so rare many people haven't heard if it. No-one in the hospital where we delivered picked up on it, yet Dr. Kelly recognized it as soon as he saw her. That's not a knock on UCSF, where she was born; like I said, this condition is super rare. It's just a mark of Dr. Kelly's extensive experience that he picked it up. He made sure we got referrals for both kids, including out-of-network referrals to Stanford, with no hassle.

His office, Pacific Pediatrics, is well- run. The receptionist, Gina, is particularly helpful. He works with several other pediatricians, most of whom we saw at times, and liked. We particularly liked Courtney Pickering. The offices (they have two) are convenient, and you also have access to the PERC clinic after hours and on weekends for urgent care. I really don't have any hesitation recommending Dr. Kelly and Pacific Pediatrics. We are an MD/NP couple, and we really respected Dr. Kelly's wisdom, and never found ourselves questioning his advice. My only worry was that he would retire before our kids were grown! But we moved to the East Bay and had to switch doctors, so I needn't have worried. Oh! And they are very evidence- based in terms of vaccinations (yay!). NP Mom