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Advancing equity for LGBTQ-headed families through support, education, and advocacy. We provide support groups, playgroups, educational workshops, and social events.

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March 2003

Re: support groups for gay/lesbian parents

Our Family Coalition is a membership organization that promotes the civil rights and well-being of families with LGBT members. This past weekend, Our Family and the Berkeley Y hosted their 5th annual LGBT Family Night at the Y and it was a total hoot! The Y was crammed with LGBT folks and their kids, eating pizza, swimming, drawing, watching jugglers, and playing in the kindergym. Very supportive atmosphere for kids and parents. They sponsor other educational and social events throughout the year. Our Family Coalition can be reached at 415.981.1960 or at www.ourfamily.org. Janet

There is lots of support for your family starting with Our Family Coalition. It is a non-profit that offers social networking, education and much more. Log onto the internet at http://www.ourfamilycoalition.org or call 415-981-1960. It's a great organization. Terri  

There are a number of resources available. Colage.org is an organization for children of lesbians and gay men. Ourfamily.org is another great resource. My tact all along has been to be forthright, inclusive, and brief. ''There are lots of kinds of families-some have a mommy and a daddy, some have 2 mommies, some have 2 daddies'' etc. It's been easy with my now 3 year old--it may get more challenging a few years down the road, but we'll get there when we get there. Good luck! PS I get lots of support from his school. Brynn

There is a good organization called our family coalition http://www.ourfamily.org/ that sponsors events has groups etc. I have been to a number of events and although people are very friendly have found it difficult to meet new people. At this point most of my 2 year old son's friends (childcare and neighborhood) parents are straight. Most of my friends don't have children. I am sincerely hoping to broaden the friends my son has but have found it very difficult because of time constraints etc. Mom of a toddler

I'm sure you'll hear from a lot of folks that a great group is Our Family.Their web site is http://www.ourfamily.org. julie