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I help busy parents find work they love and parent with more purpose, peace and joy.  My services include 1:1 and group coaching for parenting, career transition, and leadership.  I also teach Parenting with Positive Discipline classes.

Classes take place throughout the year both in Oakland, CA as well as via a Virtual Classroom on-line.  More info at

Contact me for a free 30-minute coaching discovery session:  MarcilieSmithBoyle [at]


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I had read many parenting books and could not internalize the practices or disagreed with the approach. The Positive Parenting approach both aligned with my values of raising children with respect and kindness and provided practical, specific advice on what to do in everyday situations. The 8 classes provided a way to learn and practice one or more of the important parts of the approach each week while providing a forum to ask questions when they arose. In addition, Marcilie is an extraordinary instructor - incredibly organized, smart, funny and warm. I really can't recommend this class highly enough - the interactive class really helped me solidify the practices I read about and made a significantly better and happier parent!

Positive Discipline offers great tools to help you connect to your child and to parent with love.  Marcilie knows her stuff!  She is well prepared, uber organized, and really entertaining. As a teacher of small children and a mom of two boys under six, I found my time in Marcilie's class to be truly life changing. Every week, I left excited to try out the tools, tips, and tricks learned in class and looked forward to going back for more. Routine Charts transformed our mornings and Family Meetings increased the household love.  Everyone could benefit from looking at their parenting and trying to improve. Marcilie gives parents the tools to improve and brings the Positive Parenting philosophy to life!