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College Admissions Counseling for Every Student

Time to think about college? Wondering how you'll get there? I guide students of all aspirations through the rewarding journey of college planning, empowering them to find and be accepted to the colleges where they will thrive.

With fifteen years of experience as a private college counselor and many more as an English teacher and professional writer, I support students in developing a best fit college list, crafting effective essays, completing applications, and much more. I also have extensive experience guiding kids with learning differences, mental health needs, or academic challenges in finding their right match.

Get in touch to learn more about how I can help your family make this unique life transition sane, successful and fun.


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With Lora Lewis, you don’t get just one Educational Consultant — you get about one thousand.   Lora taps into her seemingly endless network of college counselors to get you the answers that you need.  The college application process is so much more than essays and applications; it’s also about finding the college that feels right for your student.   Lora readily applies her love of writing (and many English credentials) to guide your child through the essay process, and she absolutely keeps students on task and accountable for the application process milestones (which is so helpful when teens don’t want to listen to mom), but she also takes the time to get to know your child so that she can help them find the right college fit.  This is where Lora's endless network is the most helpful, as college guidebooks and websites can only go so far in describing the vibe of the school for prospective students.   Every college offers wonderful opportunities, and a student who is feels at home at any particular school is in the best position to get the most of their higher education.  Lora guided my eldest, a college Freshman, in finding the right fit university, she’s currently counseling my high school Junior with the college process, and soon we’ll be consulting with her to help my high school Freshman.   We highly recommend Lora Lewis!

We worked with Lora last year when our older child was in their first year of college at an East Coast Ivy League and it was not going well. Our child ended up leaving school and returning home, feeling that they had in some way failed and that they would never find a school that would feel right for them. We were referred to Lora through a friend and immediately knew it would work out. Lora focused on how important the fit was for each young person looking for colleges (something the high school counselor we worked with the first time around, I'm sorry to say, did not do). Lora also assured our child (and us) that there is a place out there for them. Lora's calm presence throughout the process of searching for schools that would be better fits and through the application process helped our child through a challenging process seem easy. Our child did end up applying to 4 schools - each of which would have been excellent fits - and they got into all of them. They chose a small liberal arts school on the East Coast and within a few days of being there called us to say "I'm home!". They are nearing the end of their first year and they are thriving. We are so grateful to all Lora did during a very challenging time. We have a younger child just about to embark on this process (a junior in high school) and we have just started working with Lora and are so grateful to have her help from the beginning of this process. If you are beginning this process or your child is struggling at a school that doesn't seem right, we highly recommend Lora to help guide you through this part of the journey with your kids.

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Nov 2015

RE: College counselor for anxious senior

I hired Lora Lewis lora [at] loralewisconsulting.com for one session with my daughter when my daughter was getting anxious about college apps. The point of the meeting was to look at her list of colleges and tell her if it was realistic and suggest others (my daughter had As and Bs and not amazing extracurriculars). My daughter really liked her and felt better afterwards. But we didn't hire her on an ongoing basis (we didn't hire anyone on an ongoing basis!) so I can't speak to that. best wishes