Laurette Schiff Gennis, PhD

415 773.8990
drlschiff [at]

Choosing a therapist can be an intimidating process. Personal referrals are best but often not possible. I have 30 years of experience as a therapist and many years as a parent, I currently work with individuals, couples, new moms and parents.

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July 2011

RE:  Wonderful Therapist for Mothers Needed

There is just such a wonderful therapist for mothers! Her name is Laurette Schiff Gennis, PhD and she has offices in both Rockridge and SF. She has been in clinical practice for about 25 years and trained at Mt Zion and CPMC. The reason I thought of her is that she has run groups for pregnant women and has treated women and new moms in individual therapy for a wide range of issues. Besides all that, she is a warm and thoughtful mother herself! You can reach her at 415-773-8990. Best of luck. A Mom Who Understands