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Picnic, Swimming, & Dogs at Lake Anza

July 2014

Wondering if Lake Anza would work as a destination where we can swim, picnic, but also have our dog there. Dogs are allowed at Lake Anza apparently but I have never been there so don't know the logistics. I could walk the dog while my 19yr old and 10yr old granddaughters are swimming, but wouldn't want to be too far away. Also would hope to have picnic where dog was allowed. Any suggestions? Annie

Lake Anza is one of our favorite destinations for the picnics/swimming/dogs triumvirate! You do have to have enough adults to separate the dogs and swimmers, though. Both dogs and people are allowed to swim, but the people swimming area is dog-free (and charges a fee). The dog swimming area is on the opposite side of the lake, so if your dog wants to go for a dip, you have to walk around. There are lawns for picnics in between the two areas that are popular for people combining the two groups, but you cannot bring your dog into the picnic area at the swimming beach. (This is true of all EBRPD swimming areas.) So it's a little bit of logistical juggling to make sure everyone is where they need to be and not where they shouldn't be, but very possible. Have fun!

July 2002

Re: Pool for Hanging Out 
We really like the lakes-Lake Anza, Lake Temescal...etc. Some are warmer than others, but all are beautiful, sandy, and fun for different ages. Kean


Subject: Tilden Park (a jewel close to home)

Nice to see that someone mentioned Tilden Park in places to go with toddlers. For the last two Saturdays I've been taking my 2.5 year old to Lake Anza. It's quite wonderful. There is a nice beach for plenty of sand play and the water is roped off to mark where the lake gets deeper. The first six or eight feet from the beach to the first rope is a gradual decline to about two feet deep making it ideal for my fearless toddler to walk out into (his) neck deep water. There are LOTS of other young kids to play with and always seem to be plenty of unclaimed buckets and shovels in case you forget yours. On the edge of the beach is a large grassy area if you prefer and there are at least two lifeguards on duty. There is a reasonably priced snack bar with the usual hotdogs, corndogs, sodas, frozen treats, etc... and they even sell a decent peanut butter and jelly sandwich for $1.50, but you are allowed to bring in your own food as long as there are no glass containers and of course no alcohol. The admission is also reasonable, I believe it is $2.50 for adults and $1.25 for children 1 and up (I think this is correct, but I'm blanking on it for some reason). Get there by around 11am for premium parking, after that you might have to walk from another lot. I prefer it to the ocean because the little kids can enjoy the water and beach without the worry of waves and undertow. dorothy

I second Dorothy's comments on Lake Anza. I used to take my toddlers there. Now they're 10, 13, and 14 and they still enjoy the lake. In fact, that's where my 13 year old wants to have her birthday party.