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Oct 1996

Re: Support for family during divorce
Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church (commonly called LOPC) has an extensive array of offerings for single people. In particular, it has a transition support group which is often attended by people who are dealing with some aspect of divorce. Although it has been many years since I attended it, I've heard more recently that it's an excellent source of help and information. I also can highly recommend the Single Parent Support Group which was mentioned by someone in a recent publication of our list. There are two trained facilitators and they are excellent. (They're not always both there.) The group is a good place to get feedback on parenting issues and to learn from other people's experiences. There's a small fee (two or three dollars) for each meeting. (For people who might be church-shy, this is not a religious group. As in all groups, you will find people of various belief systems, including traditional and non-traditional ones.)