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I am a non-licensed Therapeutic Support Specialist (TSS) in the Bay Area who is dedicated to social facilitation, Floortime® & aiding children on the autism spectrum or with other challenges of relating and communicating. I offer community based Social Skills Groups and Facilitated Play Dates, School Shadow Support and Home Sessions. 

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Kendra has been our main support person and an incredibly positive, smart and kind all-around resource for our family for the past 5 years!  She has been working with our son who has autism since he began preschool and she has both “shadowed” him at school and at camps and has taken him on facilitated play dates with his friends at parks and museums, etc.  Since the pandemic began, we’ve been having Zoom sessions with one or two of our son’s friends and the sessions are always so much fun and help the children to stay connected to each other with interesting games and activities.

Kendra truly has a gift for helping children to connect with each other.  Her goal is always to help children to have fun with each other and to then seek that out on their own.  Thanks to the skillful scaffolding she’s provided, our son has tons of friends and truly enjoys school.  We sometimes even find that our son’s social skills are stronger than those of his peers (or even his parents!)

Kendra is a true gem and this will be the best money you’ll spend if your child is having challenges with social skills, communication or regulation.  We feel so lucky to have had her in our lives these past several years and she has consistently helped us (the parents), our son, and our son’s teachers.  The other children at our son’s various schools have always adored “Teacher Kendra” and she’s always fit in beautifully and been appreciated by the teachers at our son’s 3 schools (preschool, TK and now elementary).  Kendra has helped to develop and then track goals for our son and she’s been a consistent and regular communicator with us about what’s actually going on during our son’s school day; she writes great notes!

Kendra loves the work that she does and it shows.  She is also very experienced and I truly feel like she’s seen it all, plus, she’s always growing her skills.  Kendra is also completely open-minded, nonjudgmental, playful and kind.  Our son is flourishing in large part because of Kendra.

Kendra was an amazing support for our son.  She worked with him at preschool, transitional-kindergarten, and kindergarten for a couple of months each year.  She is very skilled at facilitating and scaffolding play opportunities for my son so that he could be successful at developing friendships and play partners.  She was supportive of me as a parent giving me so much more information than the classroom teachers as to his social interactions, play activities, etc. for each visit.  Kendra is a natural at this work and truly enjoys it.  I am forever grateful to Kendra -- now 2 years later my son doesn't need any more support at school.  He is in the second grade and he is happy at school, has many friends and can't wait to go school each day.  We spent a lot of money and time on outside services in a clinic based setting but by far found the most effective and long lasting results from Kendra's support.    

Kendra helped our son (age 4 at the time), our family and the school understand our son's unique challenges. She was able to provide support at the school. We were at risk of being asked to leave the school due to my son's behavior challenges. Kendra helped me reframe this difficult time in our lives and demonstrate his progress towards his goals. When behavior is a problem, it is really embarrassing for a parent. It is easy to feel like it's all your fault. Kendra having raised her own children with their own unique challenges, was able to compassionately share empathy with our family. I appreciate Kendra's assistance and wish I could have her everywhere we go. Sadly, they wouldn't let her help him once he went to public school.