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I am a social worker, child development specialist, and Mindful Life Coach for Parents and Parents-to-be. I provide one-on-one and group coaching support to parents and parents-to-be, grounded in mindfulness, meditation and positive parenting- aimed to support parents and parents-to-be on their journey to more balanced living, mindful parenting, and creating the life they dream of for themselves and their family.

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Kendall Heaton’s 6-week course, “Mindful Living and Stress Management” was such a dynamic experience that changed my life for the better. With her assistance, the Therapeutic Meditation Process has helped me regain control over my outlook on life and has made my approach to self-care and regulation more meaningful and intentional. Kendall and the TMP empowered me with the tools I needed to reduce stress and restore balance to my mind, body and soul. As a result I am a much more mindful and supportive partner, parent and individual. I highly recommend her program to anyone ready to make radically impactful change to their life.