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March 2006

I highly recommend Dr. Victoria Mancuso for OBGYN in Kaiser Martinez. She is smart and she is very well versed in infertility problems, too. She trained with my infertility docs when they were at UCSF, the ones at Pacific Fertility in SF-- Eldon Schriock, Carolyn Givens, et al. She is also especially sensitive to lesbian issues and pregnancy/fertility, etc. She is VERY easy to talk to and really ''gets it.'' My sonographer at Kaiser Martinez today said Mancuso is one of the best if not the best OBs she has worked with. And the sonographer, from Poland, is exceptionally knowledgeable, too, having been a pediatrician in Poland.

I am also thrilled with all the pediatricians at Kaiser, particularly Dr. Hayati in Martinez, Dr. Hearey in WC Shadelands, but really, they are all good. I like the pace at Martinez better than WC. THere is always parking and people take their time with you more. I see other docs in WC, Sanjeeta Baronia for internal medicine in WC. Happy Kaiser Patient