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March 2016

RE: Oakland parks that have a lot of kids

Have you tried Jordan Park off 35th Avenue in Oakland? Not far from the Dimond. My kids love that park and there are usually plenty of kids around. East Oakland Parent

Jordan Park (turn north onto Jordan Rd off Redwood Rd, between Hwy 13 and MacArthur was always busy when my kids were younger (they're 7 and 11 now!), as well as Montclair Park (on Mountain Blvd, just off Hwy 13. Both are not too far from you! Park Mama

Jan 2014

RE: East Oakland playgrounds?

Playground @ Jordan Rd. which is just off Redwood Rd. (is actually the same st. as 35th Ave. but name changes to RR as you head to the hills. Great for under 4-5 yr, olds; there is a coffee house @ Lincoln Sq. shopping Center ab out 4-5 blocks away @ Redwood Rd. & Mt. Blvd.

May 2005

RE: Baby-friendly places in East Oakland

It's on the other side of 580, but we love the park on Jordan just off of 35th (left on Jordan off of 35th (coming up from McArthur). the park is about a block down. It's big with a section for little kids with a sandy area, one for bigger kids, basketball nets, grassy knoll. And, people have donated all kinds of little tykes stuff. It's quite busy whenever we're there but I our son loved it before he could walk and is now holding his own with the other kids now that he's a toddler. I will say, because there are so many kids, a baby will sometimes get knocked around, but as long as you watch your baby closely, it should be allright. anon

Try the park in Oakland right off 35th Ave on Jordan Rd. It is toddler friendly with an area for smaller kids and one for bigger kids, all surrounded by sand. It is 100% enclosed by gates and everyone in the community leaves older toys, plastic trucks, etc. so there is a lot to do. There are swings, slides, tunnels to crawl around. There is a big grassy area as well to picnic or let your toddler crawl around. It is one of our favorite parks. Wendy

June 2003

RE: Oakland parks where I can meet other toddler moms

Try Jordan Park (real name Avenue Terrace) on Jordan Ave off of Redwood Road - take 13 to Redwood Exit - go down the hill to Jordan and take a right. Park is on the right.