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    my 16 year old son was diagnosed with depression and anxiety by the psychiatrist just 2 weeks ago. He started with medication and the psychiatrist recommended us to go to John Muir Behavioral Health Adolescent outpatient program in Walnut Creek to get intensive therapy. How is JM’s outpatient program for teens and families? How often do you have to go per week?  I have heard that families do not get much support and the treatment is not very effective and I am getting concerned whether I should go that route. Please let me know if you have any experience with their program. Thank you!

     My daughter just completed both the inpatient and a two week intensive outpatient program at the concord campuses of John Muir. She found program to be helpful. She has the same diagnosis as your son. They learn coping skills and do Group therapy which my daughter found to be very helpful.  The doctors and counselors seem to be very good and we’re very responsive to me as a parent. They answered all of my questions.

    My son has been in John Muir & Alta Bates programs. Alta Bates was much better if that is an option for you. We got very little out of the John Muir program.

    I'm so sorry to hear this.  I wanted to respond because my 16 year old son also suffers from anxiety and depression.  He is seeing a therapist once a week for talk therapy.  What I wanted to tell you is that the talk therapy has really helped and I really recommend it.  Also I wanted to say, wherever you choose to get your son help, call soon to set up an appointment.  I know he must really be suffering.  You can try out more than one provider to see who he is comfortable with.  I think these days it can be really hard to be a teenager, so many problems in the world and so much pressure.  I also am seeing a therapist now because it is very hard to see your child suffer. You have my best wishes.

    Hi,  I (as an adult) went to the John Muir program outpatient program and didn't find it very helpful, I also did an outpatient (as an adult) at Alta Bates and is was great.  I have a teen who just left the John Muir psychiatric hospital in Concord, we just having him see his psychiatrist and therapist, but I know we might need more at some point.  He is on Home and Hospital too, I don't know if you have that available in your school district, but it has helped my 15 year old be able to study at home with a tutor and not stress about full days at school.

    Not sure that was at all helpful, good luck

    Heather (moderator for facebook group "East Bay Parents of Teens with Emotional Health Issues)

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