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June 2003

RE: Oakland parks where I can meet other toddler moms

Try the FROG parks in Temescal/Rockridge. There is a smaller park at Redondo and Clark Sts, near the intersection of Telegraph and 51st, which is specifically for kids younger than 5, and further north is Hardy Park. More information on location is here: I've found a higher ratio of parents to nannies at these parks.

Try the small park near Rockridge Bart. It has a nice wooden play-structures, a good sand box, and, I believe a good 'mom' ratio. I don't have the exact address, but it is right next to the dog park, under the 24 Freeway overpass, just south of Claremont Avenue. Also Tot-Land in Berkeley, on California and Virginia, is fabulous. Anna

Have you tried Frog Park in Rockridge? The larger playground is located near the intersection of Hudson and Claremont, also accessible from Miles and Hardy. It's a great park for kids, and while many nannies and kids go there, I have been among many other moms and dads - particularly on weekday afternoons (after 3) and weekends. Good luck Jennifer

I've met other toddler parents at Frog Park (Hardy and miles, near 24 over pass) and Avenue Terrace Park (Jordan St. near redwood road, just west of 13). To begin your best bet is going to be late afternoons and weekends. During the day it does tend to be a lot of nannies. Also check out mom/toddler programs. I find that on the days I am home w/ my daughter I want guaranteed socializing. I've enjoyed and signed up for kindergym (off for the summer unfortunately) kindermusik (classes start next week), and swim classes (mills pool has them through early August) and made connections that way. Good Luck! extroverted toddler mom