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EBISA (East Bay Independent Schools Association) is an alliance of over 40 East Bay independent K-8 schools in the East Bay.

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Sept 2014

RE:  Private elementary schools -- constructive negative feedback?

I know you are looking for negatives for the various private elementary schools, but I think that you will need to figure out the negatives for yourself. I don't mean that to be unhelpful, I truly mean that the negatives I found at each school are likely positives for other people. ... I recommend starting at the EBISA fair- i felt like you get a snapshot of each school there. I will say that one admissions director was completely uninterested in talking to me at that event or making me feel welcome, and that feeling continued with other people (teachers, etc) at our school visit. Bottom line, it was just not a fit and we did not apply to that school. I'm sure other people love it there. To each their own, but I think you'll get a good sense of each school on the visits. It all sort of seems whitewashed, but the true character of the schools actually shines through, in my experience. Good luck, former searcher

Feb 2012

RE:  Middle School with Small Class Size

There are many private middle schools in the area with small class sizes. There is a wide range of schools in terms of who they look for as students and what their approach is. I'd start at the EBISA (East Bay Independent School Association) website: ebisaca.org. It provides links to all its member schools, which is most if not all east bay secular schools. Then I'd start by looking at each school's website, and visit the ones you are interested in. Some might have openings now if you want to make a mid-year change.

Nov 2010

RE:   What are some progressive schools in Berkeley/Oakland?

... I'd go to the EBISA website for a compendium calendar of various private school open houses; also scan BPN for chat on different experiences at different schools by name; and keep a calendar of when public and private open houses are. Sorry, you missed the EBISA (east bay independent schools association) fair, they have one every fall in which member schools all have a booth with info about their school-- but others scanning these posts should know to look for that in the fall. It has been in Berkeley for the past two years in October. I'll be at it in another year or two when I'm looking for middle school options. Good luck. carol