Butte College (Oroville, CA)

Outside the Bay Area, CA

3536 Butte Campus Drive Oroville, CA 95965

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Living at Butte Community College

Feb 2012

Our HS senior is considering going to Butte CC in Oroville. The school does not have dorms per se, but Butte students can live at Craig Hall, which is near Chico State and 15 miles from the Butte campus. Free bus shuttles run all day. Anybody's college student try this arrangement? Our senior was rejected by the CSUs but would like to go away. Would like to hear from other parents whose students went away to a community college. Anon

My 19 year old son attends Butte. He does not live in student housing, he shares an apt. with his 20 year old brother who is a junior at CSU Chico. Housing in Chico is CHEAP and plentiful compared to the Bay Area. My son is very happy with Butte. He is rather introverted and into video games...not a terribly adventurous person. But he feels safe in Chico and at Butte and finds the town easy to navigate. The bus from Chico to Butte is included in tuition and picks up all over town. Have you visited the campus? It is incredibly beautiful! All in all, it depends on your kid. He can get into lots of trouble being in an environment where adults are scarce and drinking is the norm. The 'party' reputation of Chico is real, the incoming student body tends to be fairly immature and definitely focused on drinking (both of my sons have expressed dismay at the time/attention spent pursuing this past time). On the other hand, Chico has a wonderful tight small town feel and lots of opportunities to become part of the community if one wishes. The biggest mistake the students make is to not see themselves as residents and to take advantage of the community instead to becoming part of it. I Love Chico!