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Sept 2013

RE: Doula recommendations in the East Bay

We used Deanna Jesus for the birth of my second. She was wonderful in helping me achieve the unmedicated, hospital delivery that I wanted. My babe was born at 42 weeks and 9lb 8oz with a head in the 99th percentile. I don't think I would have had the birth that I wanted had she not been there for me, supporting my decisions. I needed her support both in making my decision to not be induced (as one doctor wanted) at 41 weeks and for ideas to help get labor started naturally. She was awesome as I labored, rubbing my back, suggesting positions, and working with my husband as a labor team. I wish i had her for my first (way too many interventions) delivery. Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck to you! Her number is 925.216.7624. Happy mama

I recently had a baby and would highly recommend Deanna Jesus. She is very supportive of your choices and needs. Experienced, great energy, steady and wise. I do not know how I would have made it through without her. happy new mom

Aug 2013

RE: Doula for CPMC delivery

Deanna Dawson-Jesus of Birthing Babies ( is amazing. Since the birth of our daughter, 9 months ago, two of our friends have also used her and loved her! We originally met Deanna through the 'Meet the Doula Night' at Day One in Walnut Creek. We interviewed a number of doulas and felt that she provided the best information -- from all sides / options -- while supporting our decisions. She was available and met with us a number of times prior to the birth and on the big day was critical in helping us bring our baby girl in to the world through a natural birth with no drugs. She was an advocate during key parts of the delivery in a firm but non-threatening manner with the hospital team. She kept me very focused through the rough spots and provided necessary relief and guidance to my husband. I can't recommend her support services enough and found the same feedback when I interviewed her references. Megan

Sept 2012

RE:  Doula for Alta Bates birth who can work with hospital staff

We had a wonderful experience with our doula, Deanna Jesus. Our daughter was born this past July. We'd been planning a natural birth, but it ended up in an induction and c-section. Deanna was so helpful in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the birth, and on the day of, she was invaluable. I definitely understand your concerns about a doula attempting to 'go against' hospital recommendations. With Deanna we felt confident from the beginning that she didn't have any kind of 'agenda,' except to help us, to the best of her ability, have the kind of birth experience we wanted to have. She's a great team player and got along really well with the hospital staff. She's also incredibly sharp, full of information, very good at explaining things clearly, and she notices everything (she was actually the first one to notice our daughters heart deceleration!). Finally, she's very warm, generous with her time, and has a great sense of humor. I know she's in the process of making a new website, but her facebook page is: Feel free to get in touch with me if you have more questions! molly

Nov 2010

RE: Recent Recs for Doula at Alta Bates

My doula was great and I believe she goes to Alta Bates as well! Here is her contact info... Deanna Jesus, CD(DONA), CLE, HBCE Birthing Babies ~ A Celebration of Life, LLC 2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd., #4209 San Ramon, California 94583 Phone: 925-216-7264 Email:DoulaDee [at] 

April 2010

Congratulations Meghana on your pregnancy. We chose to hire a doula for our second birth and were so glad we did, and very happy with our choice. Not only was Deanna funny, focused, relaxed and very calm, but she wasn't too suffocating, pressuring or judgmental. The birth went very smoothly, less than 2 hours, and completely natural (for which we credit Deanna). It was great to have an advocate (e.g. she kept asking all the extras that tend to be at a Kaiser Oakland birth to please leave the room). She has all the tapes, classes, hypno-birthing, massage, techniques etc, if you need them... but she's also great for people like us... second time around, just wanted someone there for the labor & delivery. Because she didn't force a ''package'' onto us (and because she needed to get the hours up), she was at the low end of all the doulas I researched (under $500).

Deanna Mulder-Sauter Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, CMT & CHT 510-421-6180 gentlebirthing [at] comcast.netWWW.DEANNASAUTER.COM mummy-to-two

August 2008

RE: doula for Kaiser Oakland or Walnut Creek

Congrats on the baby due in the fall. I delivered in WC in 2004 and used Deanna Jesus as my doula and she was great. For her contact info and others, visit the Nurture Center in Lafayette on Mt Diablo Blvd. They're a great resource for info on doulas and their newlsetter has a lot of doulas advertized in there as well. They have a website too. Good luck! Michelle

April 2007

RE: Doulas for delivery at Alta Bates

I would like to recommend Deanna Jesus. She helped me greatly with the birth of my son, who is now 2 years old. And she came through on the last minute, too! My original doula had to cancel, so I met her a week before my due date (thinking we had a few days, ha ha). My water broke early the next morning, I called her up, and she met us at Alta Bates. She was wonderful. More info can be found here, including her email and phone number: [at] (email:  Lori

June 2003

I also recommend Deanna Jesus who in addition to being a doula, is a Certified Hypnobirthing practitioner She is my doula and I am due in 2 weeks, I have been doing a combined doula/hypnobirthing series with her.

Deanna's Phone 925-216-7264 douladee AT