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Coaching services for parents living separately, custody and visitation mediation

  • Conflict Management and Mediation
  • Professional Supervised Visitation Services
  • Parent Coaching
  • Child interviewing

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I would like to recommend the services of Beth Miller to anyone who needs constructive advice or mediation regarding custody schedules for children of divorced parents.  Beth is calm, cool, and collected.  I was lucky enough to meet her shortly after my separation, when my ex and I were struggling to create a fair custody schedule that would also work for the kids, who were very young at the time.  She immediately gave me very practical advice on (1) the typical custody sharing schedules that parents have found to work best, and (2) what was best for the kids, given their ages and our situation.  It was a huge relief.  Almost immediately, my ex and I settled on a schedule that was much better than what we had before (without having to go to court).  Through the years, as the kids got older and situations changed, Beth advised me on options for changing the schedule when the need arose.  Instead of feeling constantly panicked and worried about my children, Beth let me know exactly what I needed to do in order to file a motion for change. She let me know what the courts would do and the different ways they might handle interviewing the children, if necessary.  Again, this was such a huge relief.  Beth is a true expert in joint custodys. She’s seen it all, she’s familiar with how the courts work, and can tell you what the options are, what might work best, and what’s not worth worrying about.  If you need help and need an expert’s opinion, you won’t find a better resource than Beth.