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We offer comprehensive, stress-free essay coaching and admissions counseling services over Zoom. Colleges have never been more selective, and the admissions process has never been more confusing and stressful for applicants and their families. Best Fit helps students cut through the noise in order to present their best possible selves to the colleges and universities that fit them best. Our holistic approach emphasizes individualized attention and self-discovery, while always ensuring that students stay on track and meet their goals. Families can choose between full counseling packages or hourly sessions. Our approach to the college essay is, quite frankly, second to none. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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College apps were SO much easier when I was applying 30 years ago, and the competition to get into a "good" school was simply not what it is now. With all the competition, I wanted my daughter to truly show who she is on her applications and essays. I'm a pretty competent person, as is my daughter, but this was all so overwhelming. Thank heavens for Wendy Phillips and Best Fit College Counseling. Wendy has been absolutely amazing. She knows how to get the best out of students applying for schools. From creating a schedule for my daughter to helping her write the best essays possible to motivating my daughter to really reflect on who she is and what she wants, Wendy's advice and expertise was amazing. AND her inside tips on what various colleges are looking for is excellent info to have. I am so grateful and absolutely cannot cannot cannot recommend Wendy enough! Trust me - you'll be thrilled.